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5 different topics on Security

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5 different topics on Security

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Data encryption through TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt
The discussion is the importance of enhancing cyber security and is asking organisations and individuals that utilise TrueCrypt as their main encryption for system drives to take a look at its history and consider or suggest alternatives to that encryption to enhance their data security. The devices, such as Laptops and Personal Computers installed with TrueCrypt encryption are particularly vulnerable to hacking and should, therefore, be protected by other secure encryptions such as VeraCrypt. Organisations and companies should have discussions and research on encryptions as the (discussions) touch on the issue of endpoint encryption that is very critical in cyber and systems security (CodePlex, 2016).
According to reliable sources, TrueCrypt was discontinued in 2014 due to being part of the open-source encryption project which was ineffective. VeraCrypt is therefore considered to be a much better and reliable encryption because it enhances systems security in a manner that makes it difficult for hackers to penetrate. Additionally, VeraCrypt resolves many issues found in TrueCrypt. Many systems experts have discouraged the use of TrueCrypt as cyber and systems encryption. Organisations and individuals, therefore, need to utilise other reliable and secure encryptions to keep data safe and protect consumers’ sensitive in…

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