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1)A Georgia Tech experience and education provides you an unbound future. What will yours be? (max 150 words) 2) a) Beyond rankings, location, and athletics, why are you interested in attending Georgia Tech?( 150 words)-

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My future following a Georgia Tech experience and education?
My future will be to serve humanity with the knowledge and skills I would have acquired from Georgia. I would take my work seriously and passionately, as I aspire to be a model, engineer. My interest will be to set up a company that would grow into a multinational level, to help solve the puzzle of unemployment across the globe. I intend to come up with new ways of take up engineering tasks with simplicity and come out with outstanding results. I would be willing to corporate with other engineers in sharing skills and knowledge for I understand the value of team building. With the advent of new technologies I intend to take the advantage and offer services in a high-tech manner just like the college I would have graduated from.
Beyond rankings, location, and athletics, why are you interested in attending Georgia Tech?
The leadership skills that Georgia Tech provides will prepare me in my plans along my career. I intended to establish a company that will grow to a multinational level, and this will require real leadership for growth from one level to the other. The research opportunities that are offered in Tech will provide real-world experience. With real-world experience, one is ready for a real world challenge and automatically with a good focus a realistic solution can always be achieved. Students are always involved in the innovation process and talent incu…

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