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According to articles published by various organizations that have emerged to create awareness of the cancer disease, I have found out that many groups focus mainly on screening as a method of avoiding development of the malignant tumours. I do not intend to differ with this fact since Cancer screening is beneficial as it can prevent a certain percentage of people from dying due cancer though it should be adopted where there is evidence showing this. What makes me not contented is the fact that the organizations use screening as the only method to prevent cancer, and I find this act misleading since we have numerous ways to evade cancer yet they never campaign.
I have a believe that if other methods such as campaign against being a smoker as well as avoiding second-hand smoke by non-smokers, keeping a healthy body weight as well as being active and eating well, avoidance of alcohol, protection of one’s skin as well as obtaining vitamin D from the sun via busking in the sun could get emphasis, the chances of invasion by this pandemic would be minimal, and this would help the organizations succeed in their course. A research that is done in Australia indicated that there was a higher survival rate in women who were cancer active via screening this study implies that screening may prolong life, but it doesn’t tell more about how longer the lifespans are. However, a research by the Globe’s largest breast cancer charity that ar…

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