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Write an essay that explains how to watch this insect and attempts to convince the reader that it’s worth watching

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How to Watch a Grasshopper
I am the creature that is cherished for my song that is believed to coax with the moon. Some People believe that I offer attributes of happiness, good health, good luck, wealth health and abundance while others perceive me as a messenger of good news. I am an enemy of birds and farmers when there are food shortage but peaceful when there are plenty of food. I have two names, who am I?
Without doubt, the fascinating reputations belong to a grasshopper that is well known for its ability to jump incredible heights and distances. However, it is worth watching these insect’s fascinating behaviors. On the other hand, grasshoppers are historically known for their incredible jumping, mating and eating but they are also known for bringing fortunes.“Grasshopper is the Chinese symbol of good luck and abundance” (Woolcott). Their symbol is adapted from their physical characteristics that are jumping incredible heights and distances. If you observe this insect keenly and try to catch it, you will find that it leaps very high that you can’t be able to catch it. However, Chinese people have a perception that whenever they possess this creature their things will not just move normally step by step but rather they will progress extremely fast towards positive outcomes just like the grasshoppers leap high.
As I have noted, grasshoppers are known for three things and that …

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