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What do the witches represent in Shakespeare’s Macbeth?

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What do the witches represent in Shakespeare’s Macbeth?
An interesting discussion in Shakespeare’s play was the role played by the witches in the events that developed. Modern society at those time regarded witches together with their craft as the abnormal force that contradicted religion and the religious setting that bled into the political framework. This play represents the essential question of myth: Does humanity regulate or have responsibility for his destiny? Shakespeare uses various supernatural features in Macbeth compared to other play he has ever written. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the three witches, sometimes referred to as the Weird Sisters, were used to investigate the philosophical question concerning predestination. The objective of this paper is to focus basically on the roles of the three witches in the play by Shakespeare.
The witches are being symbolized as beings with the supernatural power of predicting events (Shakespeare, p.119). Their capacity to predict the future precisely brings up questions about whether the occasions of Macbeth’s life are preordained or he is the expert of his destiny. Whether the events of Macbeth’s life have already been written, the witches are essentially notifying him of the future. If Macbeth can decide his destiny, this is influenced by the witches’ self-fulfilling prophecy. Shakespeare finally leaves the spectators to make their conclusion. One of …

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