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Category: Critical Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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World War one up to date is still one of the deadliest war the wrecked earth. By the end of the war, over seventeen million people dead and approximately thirty-eight million others injured. 1.32% of the dead were from Australia, which had the highest number of deaths. This included both the civilians and the military involved. The change in technology during the war is quite an outstanding factor. This may have been one of the fundamental factors that led to the high number of dead and injured people, and so much property damaged. Various technological changes, both in the forms of communication and fighting machinery came up in the course of world war one.
First, the mode of transport underwent rapid changes. The invention of the railroad made the transport of armies and arsenal faster to the war zones. In France, taxis were used to transport soldiers to the front. The change in transport seems to have favoured the continuation of the war. Aeroplanes were now used to scout and even conduct reconnaissance. The planes were used to deliver bombs and cannons to the war fronts.
We can safely say that the technological changes in the war machinery catapulted the World War One. The new machines used in the fighting were advantageous to the fighters as many people could be killed in an easier way. The main World War One technology included; airplanes, submarines, tanks, machine guns and trenches. Before World War One…

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