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United States Civil War

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United States Civil War

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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United States Civil War
The civil war was recorded as the most momentous episode in America history. At that time, the co-existence of the United States as one nation was under threat. The war played a role in ensuring that the nation`s ability to bring to terms the ideals of equality, justice, liberty and human dignity was achieved both locally and global.
In 1861, Robert E. Lee was appointed to be the commander in Northern Virginia Army. His leadership career in the armed force made a significant contribution to the history of America liberation movement. In his reign, he shared each amount of victory and losses. For example, he was victorious at war of Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg and Manassas. However, his victory streak was overruled by his great loss when he attempted to invade the North in 1863. Lee`s motives behind invading the North were that he wanted to maintain his original logistical, political influence and his previous mind game to walk out successful in the inversion (Hoyle & Girvan, 2010). The mind game is seen when, in his mind, he thought that the opponents were demoralised and weaken. Additionally, he wanted to maintain his momentum of aggressiveness unlike him being in a defence situation. Secondly, logistical thinking of Lee was that he was facing a food shortage, and the North had a potential of sustaining his army. Lastly, political motivation was that by him attacking the North during election season could have influenced the Democrat to win t…

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