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28 November 2015
Unit 4
Political cartoons are comical pictures used to put a specific political message across. Most of them are meant to mock a certain element of a politician or the political system. The cartoons are a fast and funny way to summarize a political message in a limited space. These cartoons are subject to varied interpretations and reactions from different people depending on their political inclination. The paper discusses the three sources provided in the assignment and how they relate to the role of the government in the society.
Source I is a series of pictures of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un poking someone in three different occasions before the arm and the stick he uses to poke are separated from the rest of his body. The cartoon is probably talking about Kim’s aggressive relationship with the international community. In 2010, he slew fifty South Korean citizens in two attacks. After these killings, the dictator warned of even further attacks (“Solve a problem” n.pag.). Kim Jong Un has recently ordered for the preparation of missiles and dismissed the peace agreement that existed between the nation and the United States (“Solve a problem” n.pag.). He has also made his plans to bring a nuclear reactor back on line public. So far, the US has remained dormant about Kim’s actions (“Solve a problem” n.pag.). His actions to try and provoke the U.S. are probably what are being represented by th…

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