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Mandatory voting is the process that governments by the act of law enforce their people to register, show up at the polling stations and finally vote. In 1915 in the British Empire, Queens land-Australia became the first place in the Liberal government of Digby Denham to introduce mandatory voting; People were subjected to voting whether they liked the idea or not the failure to which one was to face a consequence. In the attempt to balance freedom and control in the society, Liberal democracies depend on hearing from citizens through elections. The article below is to discuss whether or not the Government of Canada implements mandatory voting.
Even though it may be an individual’s decision to either take part in government’s affair or not; implementation of mandatory voting in Canada has faced different views and opinions from the citizens (Lansford 56). To start with, mandatory voting is the only way to permanently eradicate dictatorship since it creates awareness that in as much as you may be the ruler, citizens are the main reason you are in that position. Also, it is well indicated that voting is the only means by which democracy can be protected, it is through this process that people’s challenges and problems can be heard by the government through constituency representatives and other government officials.
In the article given, it is noted that some people viewed the act of mandatory voting as dictatorship-how can a liberal nati…

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