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Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: PhD

Pages: 5

Words: 1375

Literature Review
Simulation and Tracheostomy Care
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Literature Review
Simulation and Tracheostomy Care
Tracheostomy and tracheal suctioning are important and high-risk procedures, which are administered to patients presenting with emergency conditions. However, it is often found that nurses, whether they are experienced or novice, are unable to adhere to evidenced based guidelines for tracheostomy care. Such deviations are due to improper knowledge and also due to overestimation of self-competence of experienced nurses. These patients are not only confined to emergency departments, but tracheostomy care may be needed in general nursing units also (Boye & Morris, 2010). Therefore, all nursing personnel should be educated and trained thoroughly, on the evidenced based guidelines related to tracheostomy care. Since tracheostomy induces high risk in a patient, improper or inefficient care may cause complications and delay prognosis with negative health care outcomes (McGrath et al, 2012). These patients are at increased threat of obstruction in airways, impairment in ventilation and chances of life-threatening infections. Therefore, skilled emergency and bedside nursing is highly desired to avert such complications.

Tracheostomy is a technique whereby an opening is made in the trachea within 2nd and 3rd cartilage rings. Tracheostomy is done for facilitating mechanical ventilation, preventing or draining the trach…

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