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threats to national security

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threats to national security

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Threats to national security
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Description of United States’ security concerns with Russia & China
The United States concerns on matters of security regarding both Russia and China have over the years been a thorn and a chocking problem that cannot be solved. As such, in a document that was released by the Pentagon in 2017, it was made clear that the United States will take a far more different approach when dealing with their security priorities. With this regard, therefore, the threat posed by China and Russia was deemed as more of a priority when compared to the fight against international terrorism. This strategy will see the United States take a different approach in their foreign policy, but the question that lingers is whether the American voters support this initiative. As such, several polls that were conducted during the previous year, made a revelation that the American voters still consider international terrorism a far greater threat above all (Trump, 2017).
List of seven national security threats
Eradicating the rise of Islamic extremism
Safeguarding against “weapons of mass destruction.”
Safeguarding against cyber-terrorism
Strengthening the U.S border
Taking down and dismantling criminal organizations
Counter space
This list was drafted based on the threats to national security that the United States is facing today in terms of their level of urgency and priority. As s…

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