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The significance of Child Parenting and Sex Education In Schools

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The significance of Child Parenting and Sex Education In Schools

Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: College

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The significance of Child Parenting and Sex Education in Schools
The book by Dimmock and Fisher provides various views concerning the aspect of sex education. For example, sex education has been a controversial ethical issue in society. On the other hand, it is worth noting that sex plays a significant role in human life by enhancing life from one generation to another. It illustrates this through the natural law that sex is essential in fulfilling the outcome of procreation. Therefore, this book majorly focuses on discussing the responsibility of parents and schools in instilling the ethical elements of good sex to children.
Mullin elaborates how sex education is an emerging ethical issue in society. He further outlines how parenting is fundamental in establishing a strong foundation for good morals in society. Furthermore, children usually depend on their parents and guardians in acquiring basic life skills such as morality and ethical issues and in society. Sex education is thus essential especially now that contemporary society is facing unethical practices on sex following the rising cases of premature sex, homosexuality, and lesbianism.
Lastly, Pop and Alina discuss the role of parents in shaping the ethical behaviors of their children regarding sexuality. It is evident that having positive communication between children and parents can be a foundation to good morals in the society which will reflect on…

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