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the refugees

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the refugees

Category: Literature Review

Subcategory: Gender and Sex

Level: High School

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The refugees
Many people are ignorant about the refugees: how their life is doing, whether they are good people or not, and how much help they need. “According to the 1951 Refugee Convention, those fleeing violence and persecution are entitled to basic rights under international law, including the right not to be immediately deported and sent back into harm’s way” (Stojanovic 2015). There are several causes of running away from the country: the wars; no one can live and has fruitful life in a country that has internal war, terrorism the first cause to destroy the safety, and poverty the economy in their home country is too low. They can’t survive without help. According to UN report, they need food, education, houses, hospitals, jobs, and coherent community to grow their children and to live normal life. There are three kinds of asylum: political which is given for famous people who are dissidents of their country, religious which helps the people who are bullied because of religions and their ideologies, or humanitarian which is like in Syria, Palestine, Burma and Bangladesh due to the war in their country as indicated by (Stojanovic 2015). The refugees are human beings. They want to live as a normal person. It is not fair to leave them with no help. It is a global issue. It is vital that the refugees be submitted help because they could benefit the country which helps them as appreciation and they are needy more than anyone. According to Trusted world simple toys, games, candy, clothing, and food can make a refugee child’s day transform into something a little more fun. There is no question helping the refugees will benefit both the country and the refugees in many things.
All of the refugees will accept any job. They want to build their life from a state of having nothing because they already have left everything they own in their home country. As a result that definitely raises the country’s economy. “An economic stimulus may be generated by the presence of refugees and can lead to the opening and development of the host region” as quoted from (N.D. “Immigrant and Refugee..”). Also, the more successful country will be which is consist of different community. On the other hand, that could cost that country too much in the beginning. According to the UN Refugees Agency: ”From the moment of arrival, refugees compete with the local citizens for scarce resources such as land, water, housing, food and medical services. Over time, their presence leads to more substantial demands on natural resources, education and health facilities, energy, transportation, social services and employment” as indicated in (N.D. “Immigrant and Refugee..”). They may cause inflationary pressures on prices and depress wages. In some instances, they can significantly alter the flow of goods and services within the society as a whole and their presence may have implications for the host country’s balance of payment and undermine structural adjustment initiatives. One example of market disturbances would be the need to rent accommodation for office and residential purposes, not just for expatriates, but also for locally engaged staff, in response to a refugee situation. Increased construction activity results, but this is usually accompanied by increases in rent, benefiting those who are property owners, but adversely affecting the poor and those on fixed incomes, such as government officers. Purchase of large quantities of building material may make them scarce or unobtainable for local people, while also generating inflationary effects. On the other end, “This stimulus takes place, inter alia, through the local purchase of food, non-food items, shelter materials by agencies supplying relief items, disbursements made by aid workers, the assets brought by refugees themselves, as well as employment and income accrued to local population” (N.D. “Immigrant and Refugee..”). The refugees will affect the citizen career opportunities. Some of the refugees would give up from the life that may happen because the refugee is old, has lost all of his family, or has gotten physical disability which does not allow them to work effectively. They all will become homeless and the country will lose a lot of money on them. However, there are many solutions for every single problem. Those people may change their mind if a psychiatrist talks to them.
The countries which are close to the refugees’ home country or any country volunteers must make an intervention meeting with their governor. That is an important to know what the problems are and to try to solve it. However, that sometimes have bad reaction. The governor might not accept their meeting and rent mercenaries in a clandestine meeting to advocate his decisions and to give the arms. That could cause to start a new war; such as in Syria
Employing the refugees is an important step to enable them to begin a new life in their second home. Combining the refugees to the army is an amazing idea to test their loyalty to the country. In a UNHCR bulletin, it was indicated that “…small household goods. Some projects have proven to be quite successful, expanding every year and employing other refugees. For vulnerable refugees or those without skills, in-kind grants…”
By this way, the country solves three issues; housing them, finding them a job, and helping them from poverty (Jaafar and Lisa, 2015). That will decrease the load on the charities. The refugees will adjust to be producers not to be just consumers. That also will change the grief that they had gotten from their home country. Employing the refugees might affect the citizen. That will decrease the career opportunities for them because the refugees are ready to work with the lower salary. However, that will decrease the incidence of refugee’s crime and will give them hope to live.
Furthermore, helping the refugees will merge both their cultures as indicated in. For instance in the USA there is a non-profit organization called Immigration and refugee community organization. The organization purpose is to “…..to empower refugee and immigrant communities by helping them integrate into American society” (N.D. “Immigrant and Refugee..”). The importance of that is prospering education. Both the citizen and the refugees will learn from each other many things such as the studies that are in schools, language, and tradition. Conversely, merging the cultures is not easy, indeed, some people ignore that to happen because that has some bad effects; one of the cultures could wipe the other culture out. Truly, the cultures will not wipe each other, they will be merged and more developing then before. That is the beginning to a successful community.
Refugees are never settled and move from time to time to and from different places. In some places, they are not welcome and are harmed as a result. The movement takes three faces, for whatever reason first they are forced to move their home. Second they move into a refugee camp, and the third is moving to their country or being resettled in a different country. From statics, globally, there are over 20 million refugees across the world. The typical “refugees who are leaving the homes, the majority of them are children” as indicated in (N.d “Children Refugees…”). Movement at this first stage includes people who move from their country to a different one; they are called international refugees. International refugees are those who cross international borders in the quest for peace, safety, and essential supplies. Refugees who move the same country are called internal refugees. Over the media, they are called internally displaced persons. Developing countries like Iraq provides with the highest number of refugees. Countries like these are characterized by war as a result of poor governance.
The second type of the migration by refugees is characterized by movements to refugee camps. The camps are most of the time created by international bodies like the United Nations. For instance, “UNHCR provides basic and necessary humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees and helps the most vulnerable refugees with urgently needed relief – cash for medicine and food, stoves and fuel for heating, insulation for tents, thermal blankets and winter clothing” as shown in (N.d “UNHCR Donate Syria”). With time more refugee moves in the camp, the camp in this situation is forced to accommodate more refugees than required. In so crowded camps refugee and those offering services are at risk of airborne diseases. The supplies available are strained excessively, and this may turn the refugees against themselves and turn into another war. The war would be against those who came earlier attacks the new entrants for survival and to offset competition. The fight is barely for minimal survival, to access the little food and water that have been provided by donors of various origins, who sympathize with the refugee in their camps. “Inside Syria, the situation is also deteriorating rapidly. Millions of children are suffering from trauma and ill health. A quarter of Syria’s schools have been damaged, destroyed or taken over for shelter. More than half of Syria’s hospitals are destroyed” as indicated in (N.d “UNHCR Donate Syria”). With time war ends and via media, refugee and internally displaced persons gets the news and moves to their respective regions.
The third and the last stage of refugee movement is the return to their respective home, both international and internal refugees. For international refugees, they may be lucky and get further help from foreign countries. For instance, the ongoing Syrian war has compelled nation like the USA to accommodate some refugees to ensure their life is not lost or totally disoriented. The movement to another country is the best part pf a refugee. Once in the new country they get a chance to reconstruct their life. Children get to join to schools and adults are given an opportunity to work in the foreign country. They are assisted by the host government in leaving their lives. Some refugee, move to other countries with prevailing peace and security by unscrupulous means. At the borders or inside the war tone regions there are smugglers of persons to their preferred nations at a far. For instance, “By helping refugees in the surrounding region, UNHCR hopes to reduce the number of desperate Syrians resorting to smugglers and falling prey to traffickers to reach safety elsewhere” as shown in (N.d “UNHCR Donate Syria). Refugees take risks just to attain a better life. In some circumstances, the states like Australia with strong economies consider hosting a given number of refugees every year. Hosting refugee can be of massive benefits “Refugees indeed bring skills and knowledge with them that can be utilized to the benefit of local people. These skills vary, but do often include those of the most educated group, such as health professionals and teachers” as indicated in (N.d 1997).
Refugees are human beings who are victims of circumstances they never hope for. Children at least they are innocent of the reason they get subject such hostility. Some organization like “Trusted World provides resources in the form of clothing, food and shelter” (N.d. “Children Refugees.”). To help alleviate the above suffering a generous personal donation can help. Volunteer to help in a local refugee camp, purchase and deliver specific personal effects, and some government are stricter and hence does not tolerate the idea of refugees. By signing a petition to allow a nation allow more asylum seekers into ones, a country could be a great help to an innocent refugee child.
A donation can be done an international organization that deals with refugee issues. For instance, save the children is a non-government organization that ensures children in the refugee camp have a diaper and food. Volunteering to help is very resourceful. Some organization under the United Nations organization like the UNHCR is an agency that deals with refugees (UNHCR). It trains volunteers in specific obligations at the camp. Refugees themselves are allowed and encouraged to volunteer in the same camp. With time, one becomes an expert in dealing with refugee issues, and they may secure a job out of the experience. In refugee camps, shops or places to access sanitary towels is a challenge. Currently, “Protecting and assisting the most vulnerable people on Earth is becoming increasingly complicated with the emergence of a number of complex and interconnected global mega-trends like population growth” (N.D. “Global Issues at the United Nations). So choosing to donate sanitary towels as a specific objective is important. One can offer to buy soap and train refugees on the importance of hand washing to avoid contamination of their food. Some countries like the United Kingdom, view refugee as intruders of local descent life (UNHCR). For this reason, they don’t allow a sudden refugee influx they do it in a system that benefit few while may need urgent assistance. For states like that, mobilizing a group of people to sign a petition would help ease the process of host more refugee at the appropriate time. Some countries are responsible already like in Lebanon. For instance, “UNHCR is particularly aiming to encourage children who have been out of school for over a year as well as children living with disabilities to integrate in the Lebanese educational system” as indicated by Jaafar and Lisa (2015). Those countries in Europe that neglect refugee to die in the Mediterranean when they cross should be encouraged to host more refugees. Those countries could assess the captured suspect illegal immigrant to ascertain whether they are refugees and help them or deport them to their country if they are safe.
In conclusion, all of the human beings must know what is going on to the refugees, and appreciate how they need help. They are human too. That could happen to you, your family, your friend, and me some day. They are afraid for their life. They waste everything. However, they still trying to complete their life with hope from any country to accept them
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