Gender and Sex

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Gender and Sex
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Gender discrimination in trades

Gender discrimination in trades Name Institution Gender discrimination in trades It has been a norm that the society which we exist in and our cultural practices tend to examine different situations and distinct them on the gender basis. The perception cuts across various sectors whose players involve both men and women. The trade is one of the prominently dominated by the stereotypes and inequality that is based on the gender. It is possible to find various categories within the area of trade where men inherently belong and female belong. In most cases, trades perceived as those that require skills are dominantly occupied by men whereas the trades perceived to require little or no skills are...

Wome’s and Gender Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Seligson’s “why are more women than men on Instagram” relates to Hodge’s “how to do feminist TV analysis” in a couple of ways. Women are always in competition with each other in factors ranging from material possessions to the looks. In the context of the articles mentioned above, women will try to outdo one another by the general appearance and attractiveness (Seligson, 2016). All of that encourages and demonstrates feminism which makes the two articles relate. Instagram as a platform gives women a chance showcasing what they have and their beauty. However, the drive to do so is encouraged by men who will motivate...

Career options

Name Professor Course Date Becoming a Veterinarian A veterinarian also referred to as a vet, is a professional who is licensed to practice veterinary medicine. Veterinary medicine involves treating diseases, injuries and disorders in non-human animals. Veterinary medicine originated from France as the first college was in Lyon and was 1762. This followed the observation by Bourget on the devastation that was caused to cattle by the cattle plague. Bourget found it right to dedicate his time to find the cure for the disease. Afterward, it became a profession taught in institutions of higher learning.As stated by Guardabassi and Prescott, it is required that every veterinarian should have a...

Drug Abuse and its effect on the brain

Surname: Unit: Course: Professor: Submission Date: Drug abuse and its effect on the brain Introduction Drug abuse is a growing public health problem. Today, the rate of drug abuse is on the increase. Drug abuse affects the families and every community in one way or the other. Each year, drug abuse accounts for morbidity and mortality burden globally. In America, drug abuse is one of the leading behavioral that causes many serious injuries and illnesses. Mostly abused drugs include prescription drugs like opioids, marijuana, inhalants, heroin, cocaine, club drugs, anabolic steroids and methamphetamine. Also, drug abuse are known to cause other major social problems like child abuse, stress,...

Should parents be allowed to choose the sex of their children?

Last Name: Name of Professor: Course: Institution: Date of Submission: Should Parents Select the Sex of their Siblings? Introduction Children sex selection is a controversial topic across the world, and it is viewed as both a blessing and a curse. As a blessing, the parents are given the liberty to choose what gender of children they want to bear. However, there is quite a good population that views the exercise and vice in the society that leads to sex imbalance in the society as well as an evil for religious matter; ’playing God.’ The sex selection though not banned or accepted in some countries continue to happen outside those countries. For instance in the UK, the couples go overseas...

Differences between working experience and volunteer work

Today, many organizations list work experience and volunteer work as being synonymous. Practically speaking, this concept is appropriate. However, it is limited in the sense that it tends to place volunteers into uniformity with employees rather than celebrating their unpaid work. Most of the tasks in any firm can be carried out by workers despite their designation as paid employees or volunteers. In fact, in most organizations, one can hardly tell the difference between an employee and a volunteer-based on the services offered by the two. Despite the subtle similarities between working experience and volunteer work, these two concepts have the numerous differences that alienate them both technically...

Applying the sociological imagination of homosexuality

Applying the Sociological Imagination of Homosexuality Introduction C. W. Mills wrote in 1959 a book called “The Sociological Imagination” on which he intended to show the connections between the individuals and the larger forces of history (Conley, 2013). To Wright Mills, a person who possesses sociological imagination is capable of understanding the larger historical scene in terms of what it means to be that person. “The inner life and the external career of a variety of individuals” (Mills, 1959). By assessing the other’s life, the person willing to investigate on the other’s life, will be able to take into account how individuals live their experiences. To the creator...

Rhetorical Analysis on Fun Home (see attached file)

Name Institution Instructor Date Rhetorical Analysis on Fun Home Introduction “Fun Home, A Family Tragicomic” is a widely read and accepted graphic memoir that was written exclusively by Alison Bechdel. The memoir details credible information about Alison’s key struggles from childhood with various issues. The issues that formed the center of struggle during her life include her dwindling relationship with the father, her father’s homosexuality nature and her personal sexuality (Longaker and Jeffrey 12). It also details the death of her father and how his actions influenced her social and psychological stability negatively. Similarly, the memoir touches on various topical areas that...

The Love of My Life by T. Coragbessan Boyle

Name Instructor Course Date The Love of My Life The Love of My Life is a story bound by the college, home, jail, and the motel in which China and Jeremy's baby is born and later killed. It is a story about two lovers, China and Jeremy, who have sex during a camping jaunt that results in China’s pregnancy. While China is not ready to have a baby, she is unwilling to procure an abortion. Therefore, she wants to keep the matter a secret and kill the baby upon its birth since Jeremy is all she wants (Thomas 285). While the main action of Boyle’s narrative involves unwanted pregnancy, she does not begin the story with the couple’s camping expedition or their first lovemaking. The story...