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The problem with healthcare in shanghai compared to bangkok

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International Relations
China has moved from being the world’s leading opponent of globalization and the most prominent disrupter of the creation of global institutions to being a devoted part of the countries that advocate for globalization. Its economy has become increasingly more open compared to Japan, and its institutions are being globalized to an extent never witnessed before. Chinese institutions are constantly being updated, and the Chinese civilization is under transformation following the adoption of democracy, its devotion to competition, the penetration of English, acceptable of overseas education as well as several foreign regulations and institutions. The country has surpassed Japan, India and Brazil in promoting free trade and investment. Nonetheless, rapid Chinese globalization has required stressful adjustments. The potential mismatch between the growth models of cities in China the culture of the Chinses is leading to the serious problem of pollution.
With a massive population of 1.3 billion people, the country has small natural resource endowment on the basis of per capita, while its per capita fertile land in merely a third to a half of the average of the world; water resource accounts for a quarter and oil reserves a mere one-eighth. The nation’s organic volume is merely 1.04 global hectare/person, slightly more than half of the world average.
Air Pollution

The nation is home to seven of the ten …

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