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The effect of the International interest in Iraq’s northern oil fields upon the future of Kurds in Iraq

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Oil and the Future of Kurdistan
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In this paper, we aim to provide arguments regarding the oil interests in Iraq, and the way it affects the Kurdish tribes in the northern part of the country. We know how oil is able to transform the future of a country but, is the projected future good for the communities? In this essay, we shall discuss those issues, and provide all the sides of the argument: The American interests; the Iraqi interests, and the Kurdish interests concerning oil in Iraq. Also, we shall examine how oil could change the future of the Kurds. However, to do a thorough examination of the subject, we shall provide a historic background in the Kurdish tribes, and their relations with the United States and the Iraqi government.
History of the Iraqi Kurdistan
The history of the Kurds is a long one. That is why, we shall address the modern history of the Kurdistan, in order to have a broader perspective of the conflict.
Today, the Kurds are about 40 million people, all living in a land called Kurdistan, which means “Country of the Kurds”. However, Kurdistan does not refer to a country, or a state. It refers to a land which in the 20th century was divided into five countries: Turkey; Iran; Iraq; Syria, and the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Soviet part became part of Azerbaijan, and Armenia. (Nevez, 1997). After that repartition of the Kurdistan, Kurds became the l…

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