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The Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes Experiment

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The Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes Experiment

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Subcategory: Psychology

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The Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes Experiment
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The main ethical issue that needs to be considered when conducting the Blue eye Brown eye experiment was the informed consent of the participants, given that the students who participated in this study for the first time where less than eight years old. It is difficult to tell whether they were informed about the research and they accepted to participate as required in APA code of conduct. They were also not informed about any physical harm, discomfort, invasion to privacy and threat to dignity. During the research, it is clear that the students who were told that they were of low intellectual capacity had their dignity threatened. The APA code of conduct also requires that the freedom to withdraw anytime must also be explained, in this research, the freedom to withdraw was not explained to the participants. Another issue is researching with vulnerable groups, people who cannot advocate for their rights. The research was first conducted on young children who cannot protect themselves even if their rights are infringed. It is clear that during the research, the children were deceived about how the amount of melanin affected their intellectual capacity. It is also not clear whether the parents of these children were informed in advance about the study (Canter, Bennett, Jones & Nagy, 1994).
The children who participated in this research were not able to give consent because of th…

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