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TED talk on urbanization and the evolution of cities

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TED talk on urbanization and the evolution of cities

Category: Expository Essay

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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TED talk on urbanization and the evolution of cities
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1. Development of farming techniques influence on the development of cities
Farming was discovered, and nomadic villages were established. With time with the discovery of irrigation and soil tilling, people needed not to move to fertile soils for cultivation but practiced the better methods. With improved farming skills, more permanent villages replaced nomadic communities (“Big history…” n.d). Many permanent villages grew into a city. Along the villages there was the development of ports since ships were available, the ports became cities for instance Mesopotamia the first town.
2. Production of goods and its contribution to the growth of cities.
With better technologies for farming such as irrigation and using animals for plowing, the surplus food was available. Surplus agricultural production meant that not all individuals required to be farmers and hence job specialization. Traders, potters, soldier, and merchants came into existence (“Urbanization….,” n.d). Job specialization led to improved technology on tools and trade, and villages became more sophisticated with walls and security systems. The security and developments of roads resulted in the development of bigger cities for it attracted more settlement.
3. Opportunities and challenges that cities will face as the population increases
Once the cities get populated, there will be overcrowding that will lead to insecurity, inadequate food supply, poor sanitation and inadequate residential area (“Urbanization….,” n.d) .Opportunities will include the surplus labor required to drive the industries.
4. Factors that will drive the growth of cities in the future
In future cities will grow due to increased population and all aspects becoming vertical. There will be vertical farms, vertical residential area, with self-sustaining systems like sanitation and food supply (“Big history…” n.d). There will be increased use of renewable energy sources like the wind.
Big History Project: Chapter 4 – Humans. (n.d.). Retrieved July 7, 2015, from https://www.bighistoryproject.com/chapters/4?WT.mc_id=03_16_2015_Eng_bhpfb&WT.tsrc=BHPFacebook#the-first-cities-and-states
Urbanization and the evolution of cities across 10,000 years – Vance Kite. (n.d.). Retrieved July 7, 2015, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKnAJCSGSdk

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