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Spiritual Renewal and Growth

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Spiritual Renewal and Growth
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Biblical Model of Spiritual Renewal
Spiritual renewal refers to change in behaviours by engaging in aspects that strengthen the humans spiritually. Humans are in the constant need for spiritual renewal because every time the worldly desires and the devil is seeking to pull humans from the spiritual firmness. This deters the humans from receiving the Holy Spirit that guides them to do what is right and the will of God. Spiritual renewal brings in changes that enable humans to experience inner growth. The significant areas of growth in spiritual renew are; commitment to God, hope in darkest situations, Cleanse of heart, spiritual life, and celebration.
Commitment to God
Spiritual renewal is acquired through being committed to God. Commitment to God entails having trust in God despite the trial times and remaining faithful to His word. The biblical story of King Hezekiah of Judah looked up to God when he was faced with enemies from the west, east, and Northern. He began by rebuilding the temples of the Lord and reversed every evil aspect that was introduced by his father, King Ahaz. Hezekiah example helps me to understand that in time of crisis, Christians need to renew their spiritual commitment to God. In this way, we are able to seek the mind of God and understand how to deal with the crisis.
Strengthened Hope in darkest situations
Spiritual renew brings hope in the darkest situations. Drawing f…

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