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Should K-12 schools utilize more resources to prevent bullying?

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Should K-12 schools utilize more resources to prevent bullying?
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Should K-12 schools utilize more resources to prevent bullying?
Bullying is a repeated habitual behavior in the utilization of force, or compulsion to manhandle, threat, scare, or forcefully rule others. Kindergarten to grade 12 schools have students with an average age of 6-19 years. Administration and teachers for the primary, junior and senior high schools have played a great deal in curbing bullying within the K-12 schools. Regardless of their efforts, cases of bullying are still rampant amongst students and teacher together with the administrators need to be more rampant in handling the issue. Bullying is seen as a rite of passage for the adolescents. According to the Edutopia (2013), 32% of students report burying in k-12 schools. Different scholars report on different types of bullying ranging from sexual, cyber-bullying, verbal, physical, and emotional, among others. The causes of bullying include superiority in the physical power by bury, a feeling of higher regard or self-esteem by Bury, physical aggressiveness, anger and incitement, and other genetically inherited factors. Effects of the personal intimidation to the victims are broad and diverse. Despite the adverse impacts of bullying, Juvonen and Graham (2014) reported positive development resulting from bullying. Development of bullying coping strategies, dispute management, and enhanced interactions are a…

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