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Selling Executives on Project Management.

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Selling Executives on Project Management
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Project management is a very important aspect towards the planning, motivating, controlling and organizing of a given business project. Project management is therefore regarded as a process or procedure that is significant in making a project achieve specific goals. In any business or development of any business enterprise it is critical to take note on all protocols within the business. In a case study from chapter ten, the fundamental reasons on why the executives in the case refused to listen to their own employees. They rather listened to a consultant; perhaps the company had lost confidence of its employees. (Eskerod & Jepsen,2013)
However, according to the case, executives at Levon Corporation had taken note on the way the company was losing its returns thus made the executives not to listen to their employees. It is also certain that the executives could have taken the decision because the employees were only specifically attributing for project management. Such reasoning forced the executives rather listen to a presentation made by a project management consultant. However, it also remained certain that the project management executives remained apprehensive even after the presentation because of the increased losses the company was facing.
As a project consultant, three strategies could be lied down so as to make project executives contented with the presentat…

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