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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

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1. Social class is a cluster of people in a community who has the same social, economic rank. The concept of social class as a group of individual sharing the similar financial situation has been mostly used in the censuses and studies of communal mobility.
The different sociologist has tried to define the social class. However, in sociology, the social class gives a description of one outline of social stratification (Warner, 55). Supposedly it is possible the public in the society to attain a higher status than the state status when they are organized by the social class. In the society today, a social class is viewed in ways like economic terms, political terms, and condition of the culture of an individual (Lawton, 200). Most of the people in the society believe that social classes are based on birth but in reality social class are based on issues such as education and profession success. Social class is the ladder in which people are grouped into different classes based on status in the community, esteem, and prestige.
2. In the united state of America, the president, Barack Obama, regularly talk more about the race in both personal ways and as a policy leader (Alvarez, 77). In his fight with class and race in the U.S, he gave the instruction to close tax loopholes enjoyed by wealthy enclosed support.
Due to the increase of the number of poverty people in U.S, the president has tried to follow same policies that seem to improve the living…

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