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See attached document for topic of 3 questions

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19 May 2015
What is “institutional racial discrimination” (institutional racism) and how does it originate? 2) Discuss whether you think specific individuals are complicit in the perpetuation of institutional discrimination. If you think certain individuals are complicit, then how are they complicit? If individuals are not complicit, then how does institutional racism persist in modern society?
Institutional racial discrimination is a most organized form of race difference which is practiced openly and with legal sanction, in terms of privileges being enjoyed by some, and being downtrodden by the upper echelons (Rankin, 2005). It is an ascribed status because it is not earned or achieved, but determined by birth, mainly by biological heredity, like genes and blood. This racism may not always be overt or legal, but may have its subtle and covert shades and tones. Racism has been there throughout history and civilisation but its institutionalized form, in stark and black shades started with the slave trade in USA, where the blacks and whites became totally separated, in extreme polarities.
Rather than individuals, it is the superior collective groups which are involved in the racism conflict promotion. But yes there are individual figureheads and masterminds who love to create an inferior and superior gap, and keep that alive (Bullock, 1976). For instance, United nations collectively create a lot of racial tensi…

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