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Wal-Mart is a company that has adequately implemented the 4 C’s since it is keen on providing its customers with appropriate channels/platforms where they can shop. They have also made available a variety of products their customers can choose. These products also come at a pocket-friendly price. Additionally, they launched a digital store where the customer can shop online, and that has made it efficient. Lastly, Wal-Mart’s’ MM campaign branded “save money, live better” was a game changer with regards to the consumer-firm relationship.
Kilimall is an online shopping mall that has failed to implement the 4 C’s. This ignorance is wanting especially in communication and convenience (McClean, 2012). The employees do not give accurate feedback or no feedback at all on the progress of your shipment. Furthermore, they have not considered that it is sometimes convenient for the customer to receive a product before paying. They, however, force the customers to pay before delivery and the goods may end up not being delivered. To counter this, the company should employ competent staff to deal with customer relations and communication to answer queries, and they are satisfied. Additionally, they can look to establishing a physical store that customers can buy from apart from the online store.
Question 2
In this digitalized era, the best option to go with is establishment of a virtual online store where the customer can view the pro…

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