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Category: Coursework

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Study Purpose: To explore professional and job satisfaction among practicing nurses and to identify contributing factors
Select either a qualitative or quantitative approach and describe a sampling plan.
To fulfil the purpose of the study, the qualitative study approach is appropriate because the sample size required for use is small, whose selected responded are supposed to meet a specific quota (N.d, 2015). The sampling plan will be called critical case sampling. This plan selects nurses with the essential information, and the sampler must be aware of the constitution of a critical case. One nurse or a group of nurses can be used as samples to obtain relevant information, and their response will be a reflection of what the rest of the nurses’ opinion.
Discuss types of samples that may be used and their potential benefits and problems
Non-probability samples may be used for the study. They include quota samples, convenience samples, and purposeful samples. In quota samples, the samples are non- random. In the convenience samples, those samples close to you are selected, and it is useful in pilot studies. Purposeful samples are selected after meeting specific requirements of the study; their advantage is they conveniently bare the target information. The disadvantage is they may be biased.
Explain inclusion and exclusion criteria to be considered.
Inclusion criteria will target all registered nurses and already offering serv…

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