Rubbutal response against abortion

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Rubbutal response against abortion

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Over the decades, the word abortion has been mentioned in several avenues. Abortion is not a vocabulary because even a lower primary school kid is aware of abortion. The major problem arises when people perceive abortion in different ways. All over the world, some countries have legally accepted the act while others reject to legalize abortion. According to my opinion, abortion is not the correct measure to control childbirth. My stand is that the side effects that come by as a result of abortion are very detrimental to the girl child. Secondly, it is ungodly to terminate a life of an innocent child fetus. On the other critiques argue that abortion should be part of the health care program hence it should be acceptable in the society. The big questions remain, who speaks the truth? Which direction do we take about abortion?
Abortion is a deliberate termination of human pregnancy and does not end in the birth of a child. Twenty-two years ago abortion was made legal and an individual right to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. It is argued by some factors why abortion should be legalized and supported by many individuals both learned and illiterate colleagues.
According to this article, why abortion should be legal, they claim that it helps prevent child abuse and neglect of which is not true. Every child has a right to live be it under stressful situations. Martin Luther King says; Children are tomorrow’s future. Many successful individuals have given testimonies about their challenging lives and how they have overcome those difficulties to become who they are today. Biblically, abortion offends God. It violates one of HIS Ten Commandments.
Another bogus argument is that abortion saves lives and health. They argue that pregnancy is very dangerous to women and to avoid it abortion is the way to go. This is not a valid argument because women were created in a way that they can withstand many issues to give birth under normal circumstances. Even the defenders and promoters of abortion sense that there is something that is not right about this procedure. For example, Henry Foster who was President Clinton’s controversial nominee for surgeon general once said that he abhors abortion. Clinton’s wife also said that abortion is wrong, and it should not be criminalized.
According to this article, it says that abortion prevents overpopulation. It claims that the world is overpopulated, and resources are quickly depleting. It’s all wrong because mankind must protect life whenever possible. Life starts immediately after conception, and every child has a purpose to live for be it born in poverty.
Abortionists say that abortion should remain legal, and women should control their bodies as they may want and the decision to carry a child should remain theirs. But what these abortionists tend to forget id that they were once children and today they are killers of babies. Do they regret their wicked deeds? Do they not see the innocent blood of these children and the cries to God? This person should ask themselves such questions and find out what if they were killed when they were in their mothers’ wombs.
The author of the article ten reasons abortion should be legal has utilized his critical and thinking skills to mislead and contradict the mind of people to accept his idea of supporting abortion. He uses high manipulative headlines that are catchy but when you reason critically as a writer, the person is writing what you want to hear and not what you are supposed to hear just to have a majority behind him. I totally compromise the thought of this author. For example, he quoted the following statements:
My body my choice; women have the right to do what they want with their body. According to me if all the women accept this idea the earth would not be a place to leave; hell on earth I mean.
Finally, it is very hard to substantiate this idea and convince people but my opinion would be no to abortion. I believe legalizing or illegalizing abortion would not have any effect on young women if because it is a personal choice and starts by observing the moral values and acceptable behavior in society. Abortion affects the women health condition and increases rampant immoral behavior, but my emphasis should be on the latter and stop the brutal action of aborting.

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