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Role of philosophy in my life

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Role of philosophy in my life

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: College

Pages: 3

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Role of philosophy in my life
Philosophy gets defined in several ways. Individuals and scholars each coin their definitions of this term sometimes in a way that befits them. However, it is evident that this area of study covers various aspects of knowledge. In this paper, the definition of philosophy in line with investigating principles of reality based on logical reasoning gets explored. How this field impacts as well as defines life equally gets tackled. According to philosophy, the importance of knowing oneself is stressed, and as such, this paper focuses more on self-awareness and appreciation. Questions on if philosophy makes life better and the philosophical parameters determining the life one has also get discussed. This area of study encompasses issues of ethics, morality, reasoning and many other aspects of the human thought that dictate rightful living. As a result of philosophy, we generate discussions on right or wrong and also good or bad. Therefore, it is evident that this field contributes mostly to various aspects of life.
A personal perspective on whether philosophy aids one in living a better life or not brings me to the conclusion that of course this subject is a unique additive hence enriching rather than ruining a life. In-Depth thinking exposes one to wonder what life would be like without the exposure to philosophical teachings. What would govern human behavior considering that beings possess various …

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