Rights of Immigration

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Rights of Immigration

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Rights of Immigration

Immigration is a global concern involving entrance of a person into another county or region for permanent or temporary settlement. The number of immigrants has been increasing in the past decades as consequent of either pull or push factors related to county of destination or are within the native county. Population increase provides a direct reflection of people moving from their native country to seek for better life in other countries. Such movements are subjected to laws and policies to control influx entrance that may otherwise fuel pressure on available resources. Immigration are cause by either positive factors that are attractive in the county of destination or negative factors which are harmful in the native county. In order to justify that immigrants have no right, we should focus on causes and challenges related to immigration.
Causes of immigration
These are either external or internal factors that forces within the environment that contribute to immigration. Broad overview of factors causing immigration are classified as either push factors or pull factors. Push factors are negative factors present in the native country whereas full factors are attractive factors in the country of destination. Push factors includes economic fallout as a consequent of decrease in in monetary value and foreign exchange. The living standard in a given country can be determined by her performance in foreign exchange. Individuals are coerced to move from their native countries to other countries with stable economy. Unemployment is another push factor caused by poor economic growth. Unemployment has negative impact both on psychosocial and biophysical effects on health reducing individual’s productivity and lifespan. In various cases, people are forced to seek for employment in elsewhere.
Natural catastrophic occurrences including flood, earthquakes, drought and famine are push factors leading to immigration (Segal et al,. 48). These factors are disastrous to survival of human beings and other living organisms hence causing immigration. Political instability and increase in terrorism are the leading causes of immigration currently in the world. Furthermore, there cases manufacture of weapons, ethnicity, religious differences and racism are in the highest increase. These are negative factors leading to conflicts, murder of innocent lives and attacks based religious differences.
Pull factors of immigration includes availability of job opportunities, economic stability, better social amenities and other factors related to improved living standards(Lionore 6). Pull factors are attractive factors in the country of destination that would thereafter improve the life of immigrants. Currently, pull factors are outweighed by the push factors and are not sufficient to justify right to immigration.
Challenges facing immigrants
These are acts or guidelines to regulate the number of immigrants and they may differ depending on the government view on the rights of immigrants. Most countries are of view that increasing numbers of immigrants may lead to cultural decay and therefore the constitution provides restriction to reduce immigration. Unskilled immigrants are considered as burden to the economy since they contribute less to production. These policies do not provide equal rights to immigrants since it does not cater for less fortunate in our society. In some countries, immigrants open policies that protect and allow for influx immigration are considered as potential sources of terror attack without considering factors of immigration. Though to some extend there are related evidence to support these hypothesis, there world should emphasize on disarmament and other strategies to curb such terror attacks. Unemployment because of immigration has pose a great threat to the natives, an equal perception that immigrants are fueling pressure on government expenditure (Adler and Uwe 65). The recent killings of murder of immigrants in South Africa are just but few exposed cases. Americans also argued that immigration and brain drain massively are major challenges to economic growth in the developing world. In addition, most countries are unwilling to support immigrants based on humanitarian assistant since it increases government spending on foreigners (Romania 2). Discrimination when it comes to provision of basic social amenities such as education and healthcare to foreigners are of great challenge that should that need global attention.
With the many facts to support push factors and challenges to immigration, I therefore affirm that immigrants have right. The right of immigrants are thwarted between hard rocks since most countries lack comprehensive plans to define and identify unlawful immigrants. Immigrants are associated with wars and terror attacks in the recent past leading to suspicion and closure of borders to protect the county from such attack. A number of restrictions are in place to bar citizens from other countries to become their citizens since procedures of acquiring status of lawful immigrants are long and involving. Ironically those unlawful immigrants can still acquire the status of lawful immigrants. US in particular have enacted several bills to reduce the number of immigrants. The government is spending hugely to secure their borders and to prevent immigrants through bills such as the countless waiver and enforcement free zones. The world should therefore cooperate to addressing the right of immigrants and provide appropriate policies and guidelines to protect the right of immigrants.

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