Narrative Essay

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Narrative Essay
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2 Jobs and an Internship

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date Two Jobs and an Internship Question Two Internship Job Description According to a public relations internship job, there are several interesting reports that I found appealing. One is supposed to brainstorm creative ideas and fulfill the client needs and opportunities. Having a good relationship with people before, I feel that this job description fits well what I am capable of doing. I can write and distribute news/press releases and other PR materials. This job description requires one to participate in client meetings that I have experience before and developing new creative ideas to team development meetings. As I have been an...


Avian Influenza as a New Health Challenge Name Institution Communicable now diseases spread faster across boundaries than any other time in history. This is largely attributed to increased human mobility facilitated by quick transport means. Diseases that had been controlled are now a threat to humanity, which has necessitated a review of vaccination practices to counter new diseases trends. In America, for instance, the 2014-2015 avian Influenza is the worst case of the three outbreak incidences ever recorded. The other major cases, although of a less magnitude, were reported in 1983 and 2004 (Kumar, 2012). One of the fast and widely spread avian influenza incidences was first reported in...

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Name Instructor Course Date Nursing Questions and Answers Views on Complementary and Alternative Medicines Complementary and alternative medicines provide a reliable and effective alternative to the commercial medicines in the world today. Currently, approximately 40% of adults in the U.S. are using complementary or alternative medicines and therapies. In addition, they have been proven to be safe for use by human beings as they are classified by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine or NCCAM CITATION May151 l 1033 (Mayo Clinic Staff).Moreover, alternative and complementary medicines also help individuals to save the costs they would have used to access medical care...

Rights of Immigration

Rights of Immigration Immigration is a global concern involving entrance of a person into another county or region for permanent or temporary settlement. The number of immigrants has been increasing in the past decades as consequent of either pull or push factors related to county of destination or are within the native county. Population increase provides a direct reflection of people moving from their native country to seek for better life in other countries. Such movements are subjected to laws and policies to control influx entrance that may otherwise fuel pressure on available resources. Immigration are cause by either positive factors that are attractive in the county of destination or...

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Name: Professor’s name: Course number: Date: How Is The Human Story Told From A Different Things Fall Apart? Fear is a powerful emotion. It has both the power to motivate one into action or paralyze into inaction. Throughout Things Fall Apart, Achebe demonstrates how fear drives different characters in varying ways to varying motives. The best illustration of fear is in Okonkwo. We are that, unlike his father, he did not fear war and was not afraid of the site of blood. He was the first person to come back with the head of a human in the latest war in Umuofia (Achebe, chapter 2 para. 4) One would expect such a character to be fearless but Okonkwo is ruled by fear. It is informed by an...

Complexities of the U.S. Financial System

Complexities of the U.S. Financial System Name: Professor: Title: Date: Complexities of the U.S. Financial System Financial markets that operate smoothly and developed well are crucial in promoting the wellbeing and efficiency of the economy in the US. The economic growth in the US can be realized if the regions’ financial markets are developed. Financial markets give different investors the opportunity to operate in specific markets or diversify their risks. Financial markets impact the economy, businesses, and individuals differently. One-way financial markets impact the economy is by directing the overall flow of investments and savings in the economy in ways that ensure capital...

Early Christianity

Name: Tutor: Course: Date of Submission: Early Christianity Messiah – A messiah can be defined as an expected savior of a religious grouping. Christians regard Jesus Christ as their expected liberator. Atonement – The reconciliation of Christians and God through the intervention of Jesus Christ. Justification – The act of making and subsequently proclaiming righteous before God through Jesus’ atoning sacrifice. The Three Theological Virtues Hope Charity Faith The Four Cardinal Virtues Prudence/wisdom Courage/Fortitude Justice/Fairness Temperance/self-control List the five members (five sees) Rome Jerusalem Constantinople Antioch Alexandria List the Seven...

The Hemingses of Monticello Book Review

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject DateBook Review “The Hemingses of Monticello” by Anette Gordon-Reed In this essay, we aim to provide a reflection of the impact of slavery in American society. Also, we are presented with a handful of questions we must answer regarding the book, and what the relationship between Jefferson and the Hemingses meant to the slavery in The United States INTRODUCTION The Impact of Slavery in American Society. We do not intend to give a broad picture of such a sensitive subject in such a small amount of pages. As to do a comprehensive study of the impact of slavery in the country would surely take us more than the pages assigned for this essay. Hence,...

College dropout ,problems and solutions

Name Instructor Course Date College Dropout, Problems, and Solutions The college dropout problem in the U.S. has been defined with desolate statistics that cast the higher education system in a bad light. This dilemma is, even more, disturbing for community colleges as it goes against the fabric of a community that is all about looking out for each other and forming strong personal ties. More broadly, this challenge is a threat to the country’s intellectual prowess and competitiveness that may harbor hidden social upheavals such as economic inequality. The fact that the majority of students who enroll for college education do not complete their studies is a worrying concern for both the...