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Rainwater Harvesting System as an alternative source of water supply in Burnside Eurocyl LTD in Carlow

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Rainwater Harvesting Literature Review
To meet the societal water needs has since been an issue for an extended period of time. There are two main alternatives with regard to fulfilling the sustainable management of freshwater, including finding extra resources of water through traditional unified water sources; and utilizing well the already available scarce water resources more effectively. Water is the most valuable natural resource, and a vast majority of the global population understand the scarcity and the limited supply together with the importance of water particularly in dry continents. The first option has been given wide attention with only limited attention directed towards the second option. This review widely evaluates the way the systems for harvesting rainwater can be employed as an option for supplying water in “Burnside Eurcyl LTD in Carlor.” Further, the literature discusses the impact of rainwater harvesting system on ISO 50001 as well as the components of the rain harvesting, the systems and the efficiency of the technologies used in the harvesting
Freshwater Harvesting definition
Harvesting freshwater is a technique for rainwater collection and storage for a sole purpose of “human use from rooftops, land surfaces or rock catchment” by employing the use of simple techniques, including pots, jars as well as engineering techniques. Accordingly, rainwater harv…

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