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Public right to information

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Public right to information

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Public right to information
I am a fifteen-year-old girl who lives on an island. I am not an avid reader of the newspaper; however, once in a while, an interesting headline may catch my attention, like the story of the group of girls accused of murdering a girl their own age (Joan 26). I saw them as a reflection of my friends and I. Part of me hated that you shared the story; while part of me was grateful, it made me realize that I was part of the problem.
The public needs not to have access to all information. As one would say, too much information is in itself harmful. Providing just enough information to the public would seem crucial to unravel common mysteries surrounding any event. You should, however, be careful with what kind of information we expose to the public. Due to the human nature of passing judgment on events they have little information about; it would be undesirable to let them know things that concern them a little.
You may have found this information useful in the sense that it gives you credit for providing information to the public, attracting many viewers to the station, thereby earning you an edge over other media houses. Part of me believes that this is also motivated you to share the story. On a positive side, the story instilled a lot of fear in me and served as a warning that we could end up like those girls (Joan 58). I, therefore, give credit to media houses for being both informative and educative.
However, to children and the youth, it is undesirable to expose them to violent content. This has psychological implications because it is well known that children exposed to violent scenes and crimes grow up seeing it as being normal. This is definitely going to influence how they perceive crime and make them prone to committing such crimes.
In as much as the public has the right to access information an individual’s right to privacy must be respected until they are found guilty of a crime and their motive clearly understood.
Works Cited
BIBLIOGRAPHY Joan, MacLeod. The shape of a girl. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2002. Print.

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