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Psychometric Properties of Outcome Measures

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Psychometric Properties of Outcome Measures

Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Formal Science

Level: PhD

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Psychometric Properties of Outcome Measures
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Psychometric Properties of Outcome Measures: Isometric Force Output
Study 1 Title: Diagnostic value of “dysphagia limit” for neurogenic dysphagia: 17 years of experience in 1278 adults.
The objective of this study was to investigate the dysphagia limit (DL) within a multitude of people and to perform a longitudinal assessment within subsets in the group for dysphagia. A quantitative approach was used to perform an objective assessment of the subjects. DL in this case refers to the second or subsequent swallows that may be necessary to swallow the whole amount of bolus.
The results of this study revealed a 91% sensitivity, a 91% specificity, and a 94% positive predictive value. The study had an 88% negative predictive value and an accuracy of 0.92. The confidence intervals for the high sensitivity group was 85-97%, and 90-99% for the positive predictive value (Aydogdu et al., 2015).
The type of reliability in this study is an inter-rater. Different groups were used to test for the dysphagia limit.
Study 2 Title: Orophangeal Dysphagia as a risk factor for malnutrition and lower respiratory tract infection in independently living older persons: a population-based prospective study
The objective of this study was to examine the role played by Orophangeal Dysphagia (OD) as a contributing factor toward malnutrition and/or lower respiratory tract infections among i…

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