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please i want jornual for i every question

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please i want jornual for i every question

Category: Book Report

Subcategory: Traveling

Level: Academic

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

I bow to the energy of the world, to the almighty power of nature and change, I shall let it pass through and over me. I receive change in my life and vow myself to never stop changing, changing is energy and energy is life.
In the sacred energy of the universe, I shall find respite. The light of the universe shall bring me peace and strength to learn how I can change the things surrounding me, affecting and effecting myself and others.
I devote to myself and my inner strength, as I make capable of moving any obstacle and overcoming any difficulty, for I am part of the infinite light of the Almighty, who protects me and blesses me.
Like the bamboo that swings with the wind, I must be flexible to let change happen regardless my fears and notions. Change is necessary, and changing is life, I welcome it to my life.
I worship the world as it is present in my life. I praise heavens and what is beyond. I admire nature as it is present on this earth that gives me sustenance. I meditate in the great power of life, and I ask it to illuminate me and my actions, so I become enlightened like those before me.
Journal Entries
1-How are you Feeling in your body?
Yoga practice has worked wonders to my body and spirit. I passed from having a wimpy body to a more toned version of the same body. I would not say that I have gained muscle, or lost weight, but I surely feel nimbler and much more able to stretch and control my body. That is one of the best things about the practice, feeling in control of my body and much more focused than ever before. 2- What are your challenges in yoga class?
I think I need to improve my balance. I have not been able to perform certain asanas such as the tree posture and the warrior position correctly. I consider I might need more core strength to make this possible as I often fall and need my two legs to stand straight. Another significant challenge I have been experiencing is keeping my concentration and my mental focus. Sadly, my mind often rambles around the issues and problems I have been feeling late. Nevertheless, I try to silence my thoughts and concentrate on the practice, and it has given me good results.3 – A. What is the most important fundamental in yoga and why?
To think of a “most important fundamental” that serves all purposes is to me, against the principles of yoga. I consider that these fundamentals are more a code of conduct rather than rules set in stone. Hence, since all humans are different, they get to choose which one is the most important. However, I would say that the principle of self-study or “svadhyaya” as it bolsters the understanding of the self through insight and meditation as we would not be able to know the external world without proper knowledge of oneself. B. Out of the ten fundamentals in chapter 2, what do you feel is the most important fundamental and why?
To me, the most important fundamental would be, without a doubt, the principle of “Ishvara-Pranidhana” or surrendering to the divine will. I have found that following this principle has given me a few headaches given the fact that I have a hard time trying to concentrate, and my inquisitive mind is always thinking of the principles of the things, making almost impossible to live in the present as Yoga wants me to.4- How are you feeling in relaxation?
That is without a doubt one of the hardest parts of the practice as I often feel quite stressed regardless the setting where I am at. I think it has something to do with the way I am constantly thinking of the possible outcomes of the things I want and how to attain them. Nevertheless, I have begun to focus on my breathing, allowing myself to be aware of the moment rather than just passing through time unaware. Also, I have started to meditate seriously, trying to clear my thoughts to allow myself to gather energy and patience to use it in my life.5- What have you learned in class that you can apply to your life?
That is the thing with yoga. It is not only a pattern of exercises that help our physical well-being. It is all right to see it as just that, but it would mean to avoid a complex and rich literary corpus that has served me to improve my life. For instance, I am a nervous person and self-aware has allowed me to focus on those emotions and work them out. Instead of just shunning them aside, I have become aware of myself, and now I feel capable of understanding the roots of these emotions and what I need to sort things out. A- Go to YouTube and search “What If Money Was No Object? Alan Watts” and watch the 4:51 min. Short film, then write down how this makes you feel and your response in your journal.
This message, the first Allan Watts gave one of the most important ones, especially in the world we live in today. To think of the things we would do is terribly stressful as it would mean taking actual control, of our lives. This stems from the fact that many individuals are driven by the money and the need for obtaining it to achieve their desires. Hence, a sizeable amount of the population does things their entire lives without wanting them, just to keep on living. To me, Watts’ talk resulted enlightening as I am often concerned about the money and the things I need to do to be financially independent. However, thanks to the conversation I have begun to realize that maybe there are other things I should explore, rather than worrying much about the money. B- Please go on to YouTube and search Robert Kennedy speech on the death of Martin Luther King Jr or click on? Write down your feelings and reflections about this video.
The death of Martin Luther King shocked the United States, and Rober Kennedy’s speech served top pave the way to a world of racial understanding and mutual trust. The death of MLK was a terrible event, and although Robert Kennedy’s speech did not improve the racial tensions among the Americans, it did show the world that the actions that led to the death of MLK were those of a group and not the feelings of the majority of the population. To me, it was soothing to know that such death was not in vain as the many triumphs of the civil rights movement undoubtedly changed the country for the better.

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