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Personal Statement and reasons why i want their degree

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Personal Statement and reasons why i want their degree

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Art

Level: Masters

Pages: 1

Words: 275

TitlePersonal statement
I am applying for a Master degree specializing in music and human learning as I look forward to accomplishing my specific goals. First, I look forward to developing a clear format that I will use to teach a large number of students and maximize their chances of understanding the material. I also want to establish my school that shall offer instrumental lessons, theory as well as chamber lessons. Second, I intend to develop a different kind of classes, obtaining the respective teaching materials for the classes. For this, I want to create an extensive curriculum that focuses on providing solutions for on potential learning challenges. Regardless of whether the challenges emanate from hurdles in engaging the student or challenges with the delivery of material, I want to have a plan on how to deal with challenges.
Some students are disadvantaged in learning due to their background. My other goal is enhancing the learning of such learner’s so that they learn in a healthy manner. My aim is to inspire and also to motivate learners from all levels and ages. I aim at pursuing musical performance opportunities available in the community for my individual growth. I believe that teachers should make time for studying instruments. This helps in impacting positively to the lessons and the field. The teachers will be able to support their instructions and make the students understand the concepts better.
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