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Overseas Retailers Flock to Germany

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Overseas Retailers Flock to Germany

Germany, Europe’s largest consumer market is facing fast international retail growth with many multinationals such as apparel brands, verticals, and department store retailers showing their interest in the economy. Over the past couple of years, several international players have either joined the Germany market or set clear indications of beginning trade operations in Germany. Major Germany cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg have seen a tremendous increase in foreign investors. Most of these overseas retailers who have joined Germany’s retail market include; Paule Ka’s and Peuterey’s, Sessùn’s Who’s That Girl, Patrizia Pepe among others.

The new world exploration of the Germany market includes the creation of both physical and online stores in Germany’s major cities. For instance, the United Kingdom’s (U.K) retailers, Debenhams and Topman, recently launched online stores in the country. Most of the international retailers transacting business activities in Germany have created additional branches across the many urban centers present. Taking for instance Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Hollister have many retail points in Germany cities. Company Executives such as The U.K.’s Karen Millen, who operate stand-alone stores in Berlin and Moncler, which operates in Munich, Germany have issued reports indicating the need to seek extra space for expansion in other cities.

Despite the economic…

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