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Category: Common App Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: Academic

Pages: 4

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In 1603, William Shakespeare wrote a tragic play entitled, “Othello.” The story mainly revolves around four distinct characters that are closely related. Othello is among the army men present in Venice. The other characters are Desdemona, his wife and his junior officer, Iago. Lastly, the playwright portrays Cassio as Othello’s trusted lieutenant. There are also minor characters present in the play. Additionally, there are various themes in the play such as race, love, jealousy, revenge, and betrayal, among others (Kay, n.d). The play encounters a tragic ending instigated by Othello’s gullibility. However, there is contemplation of the cause of this end. It is not Iago’s manipulation, but Othello’s gullibility, which creates the play’s tragic ending.
As a powerful black man, Othello significantly influences the land of Venice. He holds a prominent position in the army which assists him in ruling the army men. Othello draws a lot of jealousy from others due to his stature in Venice (Kay, n.d). However, Othello lacks certain characteristics that are evident in military men. He does not exhibit intelligence thus allows Iago to influence and manipulate his thinking. Clearly, there is an obvious compromise in Othello’s ability to judge human behavior. His reactions toward Iago’s manipulation render him a poor judge of character. Othello fails to believe in Desdemona, his wife; and his closest all…

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