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Common App Essay
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Define cultural relativism

Cultural Relativism Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Lecturer Due Date Culture relativism is the view that all beliefs, customs and ethics are about the individual in his social range. However, what is right or wrong is considered explicit what is perceived to be moral in the society may be deemed to be immoral in the other. Since there is no standard of morality that exists, nobody has the dignity to judge another society’s custom. Hinduism is one of the biggest religion cultures in the world Hinduism believed that there was no founder, no single scripture nor commonly set of teaching that was generated in their holy books. The Hindu is believed to be a way of life rather than...

What are the main problems associated with using plastic bags? Identify solutions reduce these problems

Module Code and Title: Type of Assignment: Assignment Question: What are the main problems associated with using plastic bags? Identify solutions reduce these problems? Word Count: 1292 Tutor: City University Student Number: Date: Main problems associated with using plastic bags and solutions to reduce these problems Abstract People make use of plastic bags in their daily lives for different functions. They are important components that help individuals inside the house and around the environment. Plastic bags are used in restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores and bookstores to carry different purchased products. Many homes make use of the commodities to frame their screens, keep...

Color Blindness

Color Blindness This type of eyes or vision disorder is mostly genetic. People enjoy seeing the world in color. The types of color blindness defects include; Red-Green defects, Blue-Yellow defects and the total complete absence of color vision, (Cruz-Coke, 1970). The red-green type of color blindness is the most common and occurs more in males than females. There has been no significant treatment to this kind of disorder, but people adjust, and the conditions don’t limit their activities. The interesting part of this study is that there is a sort of color vision disorder that affects men more than women and that it has no particular treatment, (MedlinePlus, 2015). Chapter 4 Stimulants Stimulants...

Textual Analysis

Student Professor Course level Date Textual Analysis of “to be or not to be” A soliloquy is a conversation one has with self without expecting an answer from anybody. The speech is found in Shakespeare's works, and Hamlet is the one uttering the words, in Act three scene 1. Most of the time is a reflection of one thought or trying to solve an issue that one is experiencing. Hamlet is thinking on the approach to settling his tribulations and from the following lines it's clear he is thinking of taking his life but, he rethinks of the alternative solution. To be, or not to be This is the opening line, and it is used in an emphatic style to help judge the righteousness of being alive...

Assignment 3: Obesity in America

Obesity in America Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Childhood or adult obesity is an intricate wellbeing issue. It happens when a child or an individual is well over the typical or solid weight for his or her age and tallness. The primary driver of abundance weight in youth is like those in adults, including individual cases, for example, conduct and hereditary qualities. Practices can incorporate dietary examples, physical movement, latency, drug use, and different exposures. American culture has ended up portrayed by situations that advance expanded utilization of less solid sustenance and physical inertia. It can be hard for most people to settle on critical health decisions and...

Moral, ethical and legal issues in Josie’s King story

Name: Institution: Course: Date: In Josie’s Story, the moral thing that Sorrel King did was urging hospitals to try and listen very carefully at what parents say regarding their sick children. There was a need for someone to come out and speak out regarding this issue. Most of the hospitals would assume what parents used to say regarding their children is nonsense. It was therefore very important for the same society to have someone who could advise the hospitals to demand that the hospitals need to understand the importance of parents in the health of their children. It would always take a very special person to be able to tragedies that take place in the society to be something positive on...


Name: Course: Professor: Date: Life in the Glass Box Question 1 Routine surveillance function can act as a type of power. It is bound up with political repression, but that it also performs a generative function, helping in eliciting and constructing forms of behavior and knowledge that are useful politically. It is at the center of regulation that produces discipline in people. The power is perceived as the capability in controlling phenomena, and it does not appear as a theater that is spectacularly vicious, but as a precisely measured space, time, and human body regimentation. Again, the power is not displayed for empirical political effect before an excitable crowd, but it is hidden in a house of...

Assignemnts 5 – 6 ORG

Management Name Institution Leadership and Hofstede’s Five Dimensions Globally, an increase in technology has brought people together; to a situation of, people of different culture find themselves together and communicating more. The Hofstede's research gives a clear thread of similarity and differences among the responses of the five dimensions. In his study, he used IBM only, which permitted him to feature the trends to national differences in cultural, mainly getting rid of the problem of differences in organization culture. The first research Hofstede did, gave the assumption that domestic population if full similar, but in reality nation can be formed from a variety of cultural groups....


Your name Professor’s name Course number Date of submission Othello In 1603, William Shakespeare wrote a tragic play entitled, "Othello." The story mainly revolves around four distinct characters that are closely related. Othello is among the army men present in Venice. The other characters are Desdemona, his wife and his junior officer, Iago. Lastly, the playwright portrays Cassio as Othello's trusted lieutenant. There are also minor characters present in the play. Additionally, there are various themes in the play such as race, love, jealousy, revenge, and betrayal, among others (Kay, n.d). The play encounters a tragic ending instigated by Othello's gullibility. However, there is...