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Organizational Strategy

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Organizational Strategy

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Communication

Level: College

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Organizational Strategy
For a brand of a business or any organization to have value and become much popular, a moderate slogan is essential. With a well-defined slogan then an organization does not require to communicate its core objectives since it is all done. Most people relate a slogan to brand even if they have not seen it, slogan reveal the hidden features that one should expect in a business. However, slogans differ among different companies; it all depends on the interests and the targeted group. Apple Inc. is one of the most popular and effective company in the entire world. They have products that meet the satisfaction of every user in all around the world. The slogan of Apple Inc. carries only two words “Think Different.” No other company in the digital world that incorporates the brand identity into a two-word slogan.
The function and or semantic dimension of the two words slogan concentrate much on the digital part of the universe and the influence technology has on people. Apple Inc. wants people and especially the youths to enjoy the world through valuable products like iPhones and Apple laptops. The slogan reveals the brand identity by relating it to a subject of change. It means when one wants to think in a unique way as well as get unique outcomes then he/she should go for Apple products. In addition, the company has surpassed substitute products and hence overcoming any form of competition. As a result, it has continued to gain popularity as it takes control of the digital market.
However, the slogan of Apple Inc. has much meaning that seems hidden. It thus requires one to relate it to the brand for it to be clear. The slogan motivates people to follow their dreams and work on achieving the best irrespective of the consequences. It was introduced as an advertising strategy in the year 1997 with the aim of the revealing value of their products. It thus aims at showing people and especially their customers the importance of always having alternatives in each step they take. The best shot one can take towards becoming prosperous is applying knowledge in a way that no one has ever applied. Therefore, it is a way of motivating innovation within the company and to the entire world where customers come from. The slogan has not only motivated customers but also it has brought lots of profits to the company. The weight of the slogan lies on the two words that do not imply to the exact act of thinking but arousing people to act and grab a brand that will change the way of thinking.
Regarding semiotics, one can realize lots of signifiers in the “Think Different” which has been Apple’s Inc. slogan since 1997. However, only crazy people can think and apply their thinking as a tool for changing the world. Some of the script like “Here is to the crazy ones “and “The rebels” can be seen as quotes that no one can afford to ignore. However, ignoring the quotes it means ignoring the truth. Hence, individuals can apply them, disagree with them but ignoring them is hard. The reason is that they change everything that comes along. Therefore, no one would afford to divert from a change and hence to make it hard for people to ignore the quotes that make up the slogan. For instance, they have created a mind of innovation. People can now come up with new ways of handling global problems. It only requires a concentrated mind that eases the flow of thinking and thus making a difference.
However, each language has its own stylistic goals that shape the way it is supposed to be incorporated in all situations. “Think Differences” has a variety of stylistic goals that targets a large group of consumers. Therefore, one needs to understand some of the stylistic goals so as to get the instinct of what the author was trying to reveal through a hidden language. Intensity is one of the stylistic goals of the slogan. It has the strength to convince people and motivate them to apply their knowledge in order to encourage an innovative society (Katarzyna 20). Moreover, it has a kind of force that keeps people going as they contemplate each task on the way. It gives a feeling of change and believing in oneself. No one can run away from the truth however how much one tries to ignore the unrevealed meaning of the slogan. Therefore, all change-driven individuals will always be happy to know the other side of the slogan rather than the way most individuals take it to be. Visualization is another stylistic goal that is shown clear in the selected language. The slogan tends to allow one to see a greater image of the company’s brand (Katarzyna 12). It aims at allowing individuals to relate their brand with a better life. Thus, it means one someone who thinks different is the one who goes for their products. It thus qualifies to be an image of what customer should expect.
Work cited
Katarzyna, tkowska. Correspondences and contrasts in foreign language pedagogy and translation studies. Cham. Springer, 2013. Print.

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