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Organizational Strategy

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Organizational Strategy
For a brand of a business or any organization to have value and become much popular, a moderate slogan is essential. With a well-defined slogan then an organization does not require to communicate its core objectives since it is all done. Most people relate a slogan to brand even if they have not seen it, slogan reveal the hidden features that one should expect in a business. However, slogans differ among different companies; it all depends on the interests and the targeted group. Apple Inc. is one of the most popular and effective company in the entire world. They have products that meet the satisfaction of every user in all around the world. The slogan of Apple Inc. carries only two words “Think Different.” No other company in the digital world that incorporates the brand identity into a two-word slogan.
The function and or semantic dimension of the two words slogan concentrate much on the digital part of the universe and the influence technology has on people. Apple Inc. wants people and especially the youths to enjoy the world through valuable products like iPhones and Apple laptops. The slogan reveals the brand identity by relating it to a subject of change. It means when one wants to think in a unique way as well as get unique outcomes then he/she should go for Apple products. In addition, the company has surpassed substitute products and hence overcoming any form of competition. As a result, it has con…

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