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Category: Creative Essay

Subcategory: Nutrition and Diet

Level: College

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Healthy eating is essential as it gives the body the nutrients it desires for growth and protection. This should be achieved while maintaining the daily calorie intake for weight loss. Healthy living lowers chances of heart attack and many other hazardous health conditions. The semester healthy eating plan will comprise of vegetables, low fat or fat-free products, whole grains, lean meats, eggs, nuts, beans and fish in controlled portions. It will be limited in added sugars, fats and sodium. To ensure weight loss there will be a need for reduced calories from beverages and foods while increasing the levels of physical activities. The need for eating plans that have 1,500-1,800 calories will be consumed for purposes of maintaining a perfect body weight.
Setting a goal specific plan will also be essential as it will make directions that will lead to ultimate results. Tracking the calories, protein, fats and carbs will also be done each day so as to get closer to set plan. Proper recipes will be sort from nutritional professionals who have a vast knowledge and skills in the industry.
There will be an intake of small and multiple meals incorporated with snacks every day to keep the blood-sugar levels under control. This will also assist during metabolism and also be of help in the process of producing new muscles. The broken down foods will also ensure a steady flow of energy all day while going round the duties of the day.
There will be a limitation of all processed foods because of their high chemical nature. Such foods are often packed in cartons, bags and boxes with labels on them. Such foods will be eradicated from the eating plan, and only those that are healthy recommended. More water will also be drunk on a daily basis and many other calorie-free beverages to ensure high peak performance while exercising. Sugar laden drinks will be avoided as they usually increase the amounts of fat and this is critical when fighting diseases in the body.
Protein infusion will be encouraged regularly during the day to ensure maximization of muscle growth and the release of hormones which burn excessive fat from the body. Therefore there will be a need to consume foods like chicken, fish, soy, low fat dairy and lean meat. These foods are essential and able to keep the body under perfect condition whole day long.
Carbs will also be considered in the diet plan even though most of them are known to raise the levels of blood considerably. There are two types of carbs namely non-starchy and starchy; starchy carbs include pasta, bread and rise and known to raise the blood sugar levels quickly while non starchy include vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and this ones are known to raise blood sugar levels gradually. Non-starchy carbs will be consumed more often compared to starchy carbs. Carbs are essential as they maintain a muscular and lean body for the users. The carbs will be consumed immediately after workouts or in the morning because during these times the body uses them directly and refuels the energy levels.
The composition of all the meals will have to determine the goals and desires of the body. The plan will also factor in exercise needs and the processes that eliminate the occurrence of diseases and infections in general. Practical sample foods that will be consumed are indicated below.
Group Sample Foods
Protein Eggs, white meat, white fish, protein powders and Greek yogurt
Fruits/Legumes/Vegetables Beans, Berries, tropical fruits, green vegetables
Oils Oils will be used sparingly
Starches Yams, Potatoes, Whole-wheat pastas, wraps, cereals, brown rice, bread and quinoa
Fats/Oils Nuts, avocados, coconut oil, full-fat cheeses and canola mayonnaise
Studies have in the past indicated eating habits in the western regions which are filled with processed meats and packaged meals that lead to depression and anxiety. Unhealthy meals are not appropriate as they can affect the mental wellbeing of individuals leading to serious matters like suicidal thoughts. It is therefore important for all individuals to always consider taking healthy meals that are associated with the overall wellbeing of the body.
Eating more vegetables and fruits will be emphasized with reduced sugar and fat intake. Such a diet is essential in lowering mental problems and increasing the overall wellbeing of an individual. People who have been diagnosed with mental problems can reverse the situation by emphasizing more on vegetables and fruits.
In conclusion, healthy eating and living is not the act of making various limitations and strict diets that lead to thinness. It is usually about having great meals that make the body fight diseases easily as the body is kept in check. It is about improving and individual’s outlook and making one’s mood stable. Eating the right foods helps individuals to have a well balanced body weight which in turn ensures minimal health problems. Diets are known to have a profound effect on sense and mood of an individual, thereby the need to always ensure better health diets for all individuals.

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