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nursing informatics

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nursing informatics

Category: Cause and Effect Essay

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Nursing Informatics
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Nursing InformaticsA healthcare information system is an information management system that aids a healthcare facility in administration and management. In addition to collecting, recording, storing and retrieving information, healthcare information systems can aid in decision making as pertains to certain clinical situations. The two main types of healthcare information systems include the electronic health records and clinical decision support systems. Electronic health record systems maintain detailed records regarding each patient and facilitate the ease of information flow in a healthcare facility (Besworth, Donelle, & Booth, 2016). In comparison to traditional record systems, electronic healthcare record systems can store much more diverse information about a patient, which can also be retrieved much more quickly (Tang & McDonald, 2006). Clinical decision support systems on the other hand aid physicians in decision making by clinical information.
A nursing information system is a computerized system that aids in the collection, processing, and storage of information used by nurses in different capacities in the course of their work. Nursing information systems perform a variety of functions, including the maintaining a nursing clinical record and well as planning for the care of all patients in a facility (Toromanovic, Hasanovic, & Masic, 2010). Nursing information systems also aid in worklo…

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