my family vs my dream

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my family vs my dream

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My current home vs. my dream home
My current home is located in the suburb of our city; it is a bungalow with an old French roofing style. The home is situated in a secure neighborhood, and the people around are friendly. In the neighborhood, we have public swimming pools. In my current home I stay with my family, the kitchen is small and in the back yard my pet’s house is located. Near the swimming pool is a public gym where an enrollment membership fee is paid. My home has a garden, but my parents have planted vegetables, and strictly no flowers are allowed. They are strict due to the fact that the backyard is small, and my parents argue that that the garden needs to be productive. Our fence is just a partition to put a boundary between our home and that of our neighbors. In actual sense, the fence cannot stop a person from crossing through your compound.
On the other hand, my dream home is a big spacious mansion, I love Chinese roofing styles. I would like to have my dream home to be located in the countryside, where I would get enough space to construct my swimming pool and gym. I dream to have a large garden where I can plant both flowers and vegetables. I would prefer a real fence; fro I believe barriers are meant for security purposes (Piper, n.d.). I dream to have my pet house within my house and not in the backyard. I would like to have a computerized gate where I login in via my figure prints of face recognition system to open the gate (Carta, Kelly & Joseph, 2008).  I appreciate a quiet environment and the country sides can offer that lifestyle.
In conclusion, my current home provides me with the perfect conditions for my growth and development. Having a dream home in mind and working to achieve it, is just for life enhancement and doesn’t mean I despise my current home. The reason why we dream for better things than we have is to ensure that in future we become better of have better things than we do at the moment. I would also want to have something different than what my parents have provided, to at least make them proud of me. It is also a form of personal accomplishment and fulfillment.References
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