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Men Vs Women in the workplace (stress)

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Men Vs Women in the workplace (stress)

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Do women suffer from more stress in the workplace, compared to their male counterparts?
Name of the Student
Professor’s Name
Do women suffer from more stress in the workplace, compared to their male counterparts?
Background and Hypothesis
In this modern era, gender discrimination is an act of violation. Individuals should be treated equally in the workplace, without any gender bias. The potential employers also display the famous and popular hash tag as equal opportunity employers. However, the reality is that gender discrimination does take place in the workplace. Occupational stress is quite common and affects individuals irrespective of sex. However, women are more prone to workplace stress compared to men. Stress is a subjective concept that might arise due to physical factors or psychological factors. Physical stress may be directly dependent on the nature of physical activity exhibited at the workplace. On the other hand, psychological stress may arise from various factors. Such factors may be physical or psychological. The article wants to evaluate the hypothesis that in the workplace, the prevalence of stress in women is more compared to their male counterparts.
Supportive Literature
In a study done by Jick & Mitzi (1985), the authors provided empirical evidence between stresses on sex. These authors reviewed nineteen studies where women indicated that they faced more workplace stress than their male counterparts. These wome…

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