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Medical Admission essay

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Medical Admission essay

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Medical Science

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

My mechanism for exploration of my intellectual and academic ambitions at the University of Pennsylvania
Voltaire a French philosopher and a powerful inspiration writer was quoted saying “God gave us the gift of life, and it remains our responsibility to ensure we live well.” He was also stated that “the art of medicine distracts the patients from their illnesses, but their healing comes from nature. I aspire to become a good physician and destruct sick people from the pain as a result of their diseases and facilitate their healing. “The University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences is a global leader in research, and it’s a dream learning institution for any serious high school student.
Intellectual goals
To improve my creative and critical thinking skills
To quench my curiosity, I asked a friend some of the units that medical student take. He said that physiology and anatomy of human body and human psychology. With these units and others, I will be able to understand how people process the information they are given and the patterns of thinking before they give feedback. It will turn me into an active listener and intelligent thinker in all matters around me.
To become more knowledgeable in all matters
Since the university is equipped with a great library, I intend to study material from other disciplines and gain more insight into the world I am living. At high school level, one has very limited knowledge concerning the world around them, and I want to break that fact by acquiring more knowledge
Academic goals
To score the highest honorary degree that is offered in the school of Arts and Sciences
With my strong academic and intellectual thirst, I intend to take every moment at the university to attain the highest qualification in my field of study. With high qualification, it will be easy for me to get a scholarship for a master’s degree along the same line, and later to the professorship. Having attained the Doctor of philosophy, I would be able to bring a new contribution to the world and the field of Arts and Sciences.
To make a mark as a distinguished alumni of the University of Pennsylvania
I have always shown outstanding leadership skills from high school. I was a class represented, and I have also served in the capacity of our soccer club secretary. Once I join your institution as a freshman, I would take the advantage to improve my leadership skills and knowledge, by participating in leadership chances that students are offered. For instance, I would like to be the representative of the freshmen and articulate for their needs. Having done so will make me feel full filled in the life that I am living.
To improve my research skills
With Penn’s established research institute, I am sure that I will come out a skilled medical research expert. I will apply my reach skills to compose a quality paper in my thesis that will be archived in the universities’ library. I will come up with writings that will be applied by other scholars who will take their future study in medical related careers. I have always admired how our high school instructors used to come up with short notes to facilitate our understanding of the course content. I will compose scripts that will simplify the content of study that will be my contribution to my field of study.
In conclusion, securing a chance to study at The University of Pennsylvania, I will be confident of achieving my intellectual and academic goals. I find it my pleasure to study at Penn’s school of art and sciences.

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