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Maverick essay

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How Maverick is first an episodic series and what that means, how it is different from the anthology series, like the one we watched last week “Patterns” but how it also incorporates elements of the anthology series. It is also asking how as an episodic series tied to a specific genre it both retains the qualities of the standard Western and how it disrupts those qualities.
Management change in Warner Bros. contributed to a new attitude towards Television series. In 1956. Warner Bros team that included Roy Huggins, Cheyenne producer Art Silver, story editor Jack Emanuel TV production supervisor William Orr attended a Meeting. During the meeting, the Warner Bros. corporation representatives contributed different ideas for upcoming new Television series. Roy Huggins captured Levine’s attention by proposing Western series with iconoclastic lead character, who resembled traditional Western heroes. Huggins was impressed by the proposal and decided to implement the idea. Lewine decided that ABC would finance the production, which led to the creation of two of the most popular TV series that was Maverick and 77 sunset strip. These series resulted in an increase in number western television series in 1957 to 15 which was showing. ABC ordered three new Western series from Warner Bros and Sugar foot was commissioned by the network to sell individual commercials, and Maverick was created directly by sponsors.

Maverick was the third new Warner Bros, series that got the special attention of being the only Warner Bros. series created in partnership with a sponsor. Warner Bros. created Maverick to persuade industrialist Henry Kaiser to publicize on the network.
Mavericks were poker players from Texas as they traveled across the American West, they indulgences with interested in women and drinking of alcohol. In this episodic series, the starring’s were James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, Robert Colbert. James Garner left the series after the 3rd season and was replaced by Roger Moore casting as Beau Maverick. Robert Colbert appeared later in the 4th season as a third Maverick brother, Brent Maverick. Budd Boetticher directed several episodes of the first season. Robert Altman was a director in one of the episodes in the 4th season of the series.
Maverick series had episodes that played independently from one another, each episode had a different theme, but the characters were the same. When film studios moved into television productions at the moment of creation of the series the television was meat with a revolution as a result of Maverick shows.
Compare to Patterns, which is anthology series, Maverick, has some elements of the anthology series. It’s an episodic series, but in some episodes same characters take part. Maverick has a different story line in each episode although they are based on the same idea. At times, characters would make the pattern different although it’s a long continuous movie based on one idea. In each episode, the one character performs different roles, which allows the audience to follow on the progress and outcome of a particular character.
Maverick is a Western television series, and sometimes it contains elements of comedy. The “Patterns” is more of a drama movie. The drama episodes are different across the seasons. For instance, Maverick had an episode where camel fell in love with the Maverick. It elicited the mood of love for the audience as well that protagonist in the series is watching a comedy.

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