Film and Theater

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Film and Theater
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African American Cinema Flyer Revised

African American Cinema Flyer Name: Institution: Flyer Summary: African American Cinema Creating films and movies are one of the best ways of speaking to people. Films are common and one of the most known forms of media entertainment in the world. When one is creating a film, the main agenda is to communicate a particular message to the audience. America has come a long way with numerous historical events such as the assassination of presidents, the cold war, the World War I and II, among others. However, the most widely discussed events that will forever remain an important part of the American history are the issues of slavery and African America movements in the 19th and 20th centuries....

A Proposal for a Themed Film Festival for Students

A proposal for a Themed Film Festival for Students Name University Abstract This paper encompasses a proposal for a themed film festival to be conducted for students. In this excerpt, the primary audience is students, and therefore the theme is tailored to cater for educational purposes. The proposal also identifies and explains the theme and justifies the rationale behind its focus. The central theme which the proposal is oriented towards is the theme of culture and race. The three chosen movies are analyzed, compared and contrasted to see the relation to the theme. The three films selected are the main events of the festival and therefore mean that they are the center of focus in the...

Clint Eastwood

Analysis of Clint Eastwood films Institution Date Analysis of Clint Eastwood films Clint Eastwood Jr. is an American director, producer, actor, political figure, and musician. Having been born in 1930, Eastwood has been a very successful actor and director in Hollywood. However, his acting career has overshadowed his directing roles because he has directed most of the films he starred in. Since the 1970s, Clint Eastwood has produced, directed, and acted in at least 50 films since he started his filming career. Eastwood became an internationally famous actor for his roles in the “Dollars” trilogy by Sergio Leone during the 1960s and the “Dirty Harry” films in the 70s and 80s. The...

Renaissance women by Veronica Franco

Name: Institution: Course: Date: The Life and Work of Veronica Franco Veronica Franco was born in the town of Venice; she descended from a family who had been the native-born citizens having some hereditary rights. Franco was an only daughter amongst three sons; the intellectual life of this woman began by the time she was sharing her brothers education by the private tutors. In 1570, she got involved with Domenico’s known salon that was also located in Venice. She lived her life as a courtesan; she used to play music and was well versed in the ancient Greece and Rome’s literature and even that of the present. She also has to meet with great thinkers, artists, politicians and even some...

Maverick essay

Student Professor BFA1 Date MAVERICK ESSAY How Maverick is first an episodic series and what that means, how it is different from the anthology series, like the one we watched last week "Patterns" but how it also incorporates elements of the anthology series. It is also asking how as an episodic series tied to a specific genre it both retains the qualities of the standard Western and how it disrupts those qualities. Management change in Warner Bros. contributed to a new attitude towards Television series. In 1956. Warner Bros team that included Roy Huggins, Cheyenne producer Art Silver, story editor Jack Emanuel TV production supervisor William Orr attended a Meeting. During the...

Analysis on Sunset Boulevard

Name Institution Instructor Date Sunset Boulevard Introduction Sunset Boulevard (1950) is a drama/comedy that has its settings in Boulevard that are located between Beverly Hills and Los Angeles in California. The drama was well composed, and it remains one of the widely watched comedies globally. It exclusively portrays a flashback episode on various events relating to Joe’s life. Notably, the drama revolves around a man by the name “Joe” who is found dead in a swimming pool at his house. His death is depicted at the beginning of the movie. The lead actors in the movie include Joseph Gillis, who is also known as “Joe” and Norma Desmond. Just after the introduction of the movie,...

mortal compact and gender

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Mortal Kombat and Gender Introduction Mortal Kombat (1995) much like other Hollywood fiction bears an uncanny representation of gender, and in this movie, a magical martial arts movie, the representation of male and masculinity becomes even more prevalent. Liu Kang, played by Robin Shou is the main protagonist in the movie and engages the evil dark lord Shang Tsung, played by Cary Hiroyuki, to avenge the death of his brother Chan, and faced with numerous obstacles in his bid to overcome the powerful sadistic dark lord. The movie pits mere mortals against supernatural, and the triumph of the male hero over the antagonist captures the...

Review on the movie Titanic by James Cameron

Review on the movie Titanic by James Cameron. Film Review Using 9 Elements. Reviewing the movie Titanic comes naturally to me because it is one of my best movies. The storyline is captivating. The plot of love entangled with an eventual tragedy elicits empathy from its audience. This is a story that transcends the different timelines of modern day film viewership. The basic idea of the film revolves around romantic relationships between people of different social classes. This brings about a theme of love overcoming social obstacles. The film is about the relationship between the main characters Jack and Kate. Jack is from a lower social class in comparison to Kate. This relationship appears to be...

Jean Luc Godard

Why can be Jean-Luc Godard considered an author? The 1950s film critic magazine, Cahiers du Cinema, revolutionized the film criticism and coined a series of phrases that would give birth to a new wave of movies that did not comply with the industry standards imposed by the major film producing companies. One of those phrases was the “politique des auteurs”. The phrase made a reference on how the authors were often venerated because of the aesthetics of their movies instead of basing their criticism on specific film elements. The idea behind the phrase was addressing the concern regarding how much the American movies and their authors were praised despite working inside the framework...