just pretend that you have visited a Muslim temple and write a report about your experiment, your thoughts, ect,

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just pretend that you have visited a Muslim temple and write a report about your experiment, your thoughts, ect,

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Muslim religion of one of the dominant denomination well known is almost all parts of the word. Over the globe, approximately 1.7 billion people believe in the Muslim faith. The Mosque is an extraordinary place where the Muslims gather to ask for forgiveness of their atrocities and confession of sins to Allah through Muhammad. Saudi Arabia was the core founder of the religion, and the Arab generation has been embracing this religion in their various societies.
Over the years, I have been anticipating to understand how the Islam religion operates. Not until last week when I came across a video clip in YouTube which I admired that was portraying all the doctrines and the cultural values of the Islamic community. Despite the fact that I am a born again Christian believer, I had the interest to unleash the ambiguity on which is the actual religion in the world. The foundation of my research on the relevant information about Islamic religion could enable me to get a recap of what the Islam religion entails. I started the survey by visiting websites, reading Islamic articles, and other online search engines to check on the information concerning the Islam religion. After extensive research and consultation, I further did a feasibility study whereby I decided to visit the Holy Mosque just to confirm the prior information I had gathered regarding the Islam religion. More often than not, two weeks ago, I held a discussion with my friend Nadia who is an Islamic believer and we shared experiences and more, so she shared some verses from the Quran to convince me further on the legitimacy of the religion. Discussing Christianity and Islamic religions would be a conflicting agenda, but I had no option other than listening to her opinion and weigh the premises she would give to support the truth of the religion.
Even though I had accepted the idea, I was confident about the choice I would make. My concern was to discover the true religion based on the feedback I would get as long as it had sense with solid facts. In other words, I was very flexible, charismatic, and all free person. I never wanted to compromise any opinion as long as it was well framed and supported by enough evidence. At some point, I could imagine and have some illusions and pictures in mind about what I could experience but I was not scared anyway. After the experience, I would expect to be a convert to the Islam religion if am fully convinced about their faith and other practices and behaviors.
Due to the intensity and pressure of anticipation of knowing more, I urged Nadia to pick me along one Friday to the Mosque to optimize my experience with the religion. One disturbing question that was lingering in my mind was; why is the Islamic faith the second largest dominion and I kept on seeking the right answer for this issue. One Friday, I decided to join my friend for a service. Everything was just new to me; I was sweating all over, I felt so odd, I was not able to conceptualize some terms and this though process. Regardless of this notion, Nadia promised to comfort me and assist to translate some technical words just to make mosque atmosphere conducive for me.
In the Mosque, I was throwing my eye to every corner to get all the relevant facts about the Mosque. The mosque is at a pleasant place away from other buildings. The general outlook of the mosque has perimeter wall all round and the Mosque is centered in between the wall. Everywhere the walls the Mosque and other furniture had white paintings with other decoration of Muhammad, Quran and other pictures containing Mecca features. It was a show of neatness and decency. I realized, there are no chairs, the service is led by the elders and taking ‘Salah’ was the order of the day. Also, the recitation of the Quran verses was a common behavior among the veteran members. For example, I had this quote from a Quran 21:25, “We did not send before you (O Muhammad) any messenger but we revealed to him: ‘none has the right to be worshiped except me, therefore, worship Me.”
All the members seemed to understand and embrace the doctrines as stipulated in the Holy Quran. Notably, the dressing code of the Islamic women is so soothing and appealing. In the Mosque, their dressing code depicts the sense of culture and moral values embodied in the way of life. The Hijab and Niqab dressing code is the typical scenario observed in almost all the female gender. I asked Nadia, how she feels when dressed in Hijab, this is what she said; “I feel a sense of modesty and decency when observing the Islam dressing code.” This was minding teasing and so intriguing to hear. I was so happy about the answer and fully satisfied. For sure, this was a satisfactory answer anyone can be happy to hear. On the other hand, Men and boys were all dressed in a long white garment that exceeded the knees. The dressing code portrays respect and indicates holiness in all aspects of life.
Also, I was lucky to meet my old high school friend in the event. The welcome I received was so overwhelming. I can`t imagine the measure of love and respect I received in the Mosque. The testimonies she shared with me were elation and so exciting. She not only encouraged me to regularly attend the service but also, promised to give me guidance and train me how to memorize Shahadah and the Quran verses. This was an experience I will never forget. After the service, my friend, Nadia and I went for a joint meeting. In the meeting, they helped me to answer questions that had disturbed me for quite a long time. The consultation gave me a lot of hope with positive feedback beyond my expectations.
I am more than satisfied with the experience. I have got much more information than I had anticipated and I can`t regret sparing my time to discover more about the religion next time. Probably I will be joining my fellow friends so that we can fellowship together. Apparently, the experience has transformed me so much. I admire and appreciate every activity and behavior of the Islamic community. When I juxtapose the Islamic and the Christianity religions, I realize that some shared values are existing but the Islamic faith has more uniformity that the Christianity religion. The facts about harmony, love, and coherence in the code of dressing earn credit according to my opinion. The only Question that is bombarding my mind is; how can I convert entirely to this religion since I am already a Christian? The solution to this is staying closer to my Muslim friends and consulting the Elders to help experience the change.

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