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just pretend that you have visited a Muslim temple and write a report about your experiment, your thoughts, ect,

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Muslim religion of one of the dominant denomination well known is almost all parts of the word. Over the globe, approximately 1.7 billion people believe in the Muslim faith. The Mosque is an extraordinary place where the Muslims gather to ask for forgiveness of their atrocities and confession of sins to Allah through Muhammad. Saudi Arabia was the core founder of the religion, and the Arab generation has been embracing this religion in their various societies.
Over the years, I have been anticipating to understand how the Islam religion operates. Not until last week when I came across a video clip in YouTube which I admired that was portraying all the doctrines and the cultural values of the Islamic community. Despite the fact that I am a born again Christian believer, I had the interest to unleash the ambiguity on which is the actual religion in the world. The foundation of my research on the relevant information about Islamic religion could enable me to get a recap of what the Islam religion entails. I started the survey by visiting websites, reading Islamic articles, and other online search engines to check on the information concerning the Islam religion. After extensive research and consultation, I further did a feasibility study whereby I decided to visit the Holy Mosque just to confirm the prior information I had gathered regarding the Islam religion. More often than not, two weeks ago, I held a discussio…

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