it301 project management unit8 assignment

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it301 project management unit8 assignment

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Project Management

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Project Management
DefinitionQuality refers to effective leadership and management in an organization.According to Juran, he defines quality as the planning, managing and setting targets for improvement.According Crosby, quality can be defined as conformity to certain given set standards by the organization when carrying out a certain project Conformance
SystemOrganizations should seek to improve constantly and always their systems utilize in production and service. These will enable the organization to improve quality and productivity and hence to reduce the cost of productionOrganizations should come up with processes that are best in producing a productOrganizations should adopt the best systems for achieving quality through prevention rather than using appraisal.PreventionPerformance
StandardOrganizations should stop the use of inspections to achieve production of quality products and instead get rid of the need for quality checks on a mass basis. Quality standards can be achieved by incorporating quality into the product before production starts, and end products will be free from any defects.Organizations should be able to prove that the selected production process can produce best products under operating conditions with no defects.The performance standards of organizations should be strictly zero defects.Zero defectsQuality
Measure The organization should consider putting the needs of their clients first rather than competing with other organizations. The organization needs to identify their clients and their quality needs before producing products.The measurement of quality adopted by the organization should be the price of Nonconformance rather than indices. Cost of non-conformanceRole of Top
ManagementThe function of top management should be to institute leadership, help people and machines to perform better in their duties. Supervision of management should be overhauled in case a need arise. Also, the production personnel should be constantly evaluated to check on their performance.The responsibility of top management in quality improvement should be centered in three financial management processes. The task of the top management is to provide guidance, direction and the requirement leadership in leading the junior employees. Leadership
participationRole of the
WorkerWorkers across all the departments must work together as a team to foresee challenges that lie ahead of them and devise ways of overcoming them. Everyone in the company should work to achieve transformation. The role of every employee should be transformation. The role of the workers is to implement the plans of the organizations and ensure the quality is met. The role of workers should be to implement the proposed plans and changes to the organization that is geared to improving the production.High-level
involvementThe proposed student project of developing a mobile scanner tool requires several aspects of quality management to make it a successful project. For the proposed project to be in conformance with the quality requirements, the project will borrow from Mr. Crosby philosophy. According to Mr. Crosby a quality project defined as that which is in conformity with certain given set standards and requirements. It is very crucial before the start of the project all the design conditions and parameters should be checked whether they are conforming to the set standards (Carroll, 2009). The scanner project should be able to meet the needs of the target market, and it should perform as it will be designed. Several quality control measures should be put in place such as a well stated designed specifications. According to Mr. Crosby, the project quality system should be prevention rather than using appraisals. All the project stakeholders should ensure all the quality measures are in place and should be followed to avoid compromising of the project quality (Carroll, 2009). According to Deming, the quality system should always be improved, and Project managers should seek ways of adopting the best systems.
Considering the scanner software development tool project, it is important to ensure high-performance standards. The kind of the product which is going to be produced should function as it will be designed, and it should have zero defects. A product with zero defects is the best in meeting the customer needs. Zero defects products will win the confidence of the consumers, and it will also be easy to market. Most often, during the initial production of product defects are common and to avoid this much heed should be taken in order to meet the required performance standards. According to both Deming and Juran performance standards can be improved through the use of sound processes before the start of production. It is advisable not to use inspections to ascertain quality during mass production of scanners instead quality should be incorporated into products before the start of the production process. The quality measure that should be adopted for the implementations of the project should be the price of non-conformance rather than indices. According to the Mr. Cosby, the quality measure of a product should be the cost of non-conformity rather than the indices. The role of top project managers in the tool development project is to provide the much-needed guidance and leadership. They are tasked with helping other members to realize their potential and continue encouraging them to continue working hard even when things are not working right for them. On the other hand, workers are tasked with performing certain activities that are geared to completion of the project within the stipulated time.
In conclusion, project management is an involving task that needs a well-organized program for the project objectives to be accomplished. All the project stakeholders should perform their designated duties and observe the project quality standards.

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