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University Self-Service Website for Mobile Devices

University Self-Service Website for Mobile Devices Name of Student Name of University Date Abstract In this digital era, every day new types of technological devices, web contents, etc. are been emerging. This increasing availability of interaction platforms has led to several issues for designers and developers. New approaches and tools are required to be developed for supporting various applications that are accessible via numerous devices. Even Universities are trying to develop such ‘self-service website’ that students can use through their mobile devices and access personal as well as course-related contents. This paper presents...

Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Network Penetration Testing A network penetration test is a sequence of procedures done on a system or a network to determine the vulnerabilities that are inherent in the system and subsequently take the necessary steps to ensure the identified vulnerabilities are addressed. The system or network must have an existing security measure in place (Cole, 2011). These security measures are to be tested for their vulnerability, hence the term ‘penetration testing.’ In this case, the company wants to perform a penetration test to test the vulnerabilities in its private loaning operations. The company offers private loan...

Social media, narcissism, and oversharing

Name: Professor's name: Course number: Date: Social media, narcissism, and oversharing In contemporary times, people seem to share over when they interact on the social media platform via computers and smart phones. Oversharing in the internet age simply means that people would more likely divulge too much information involving their self and things like their sexuality for instance, more than they would possibly do in person. Facebook, Twitter and blogging have become major avenues for oversharing as the world shifts fast to an internet era that is seeing the phasing out of physical interaction with the replacement of virtual interaction. The internet has come to breach the thin boundary...

Cloud computing, the issues of information assurance from the POV of the cloud provider, or the potential issues for corporate users who decide to outsource their data storage.

 Cloud Computing – Issues and Challenges Cloud Computing – Issues and Challenges Introduction Cloud computing and cloud storage are basically two different model or techniques. Cloud computing is an advanced information system which involves some few basic steps which includes; installing sets of remote servers in our environment, so it helps to data source to upload data by using different software. On the other hand, cloud storage is the data storage model having the digital data stored in logical disk. The storage is quite commonly managed and owned by the company. Cloud computing popularity is increasing at substantially fast rate. As its popularity increases, some of concern...

Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record Student Name Institution Affiliation Introduction Electronic Health Records refer to systems whose chief aim is to make available a patient's health records. The technological aspect of the system ensures that the system works appropriately. The system also avails this information over a wider geographical location thus making it easier to assist a patient on the go no matter their location. This element of the system brings about coordination. Therefore, to implement an Electronic Health Record successfully, a good network connection needs to be implemented. The implementation of HER is not limited to a given type of medical purpose. However, the medical installation...

Improving CyberSecurity In the Veterans Administration

Improving Cyber Security in Veteran Administration Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Improving Cyber Security in Veterans Administrations Introduction As our technology turns out to be progressively developing and linked, securing delicate data is more imperative now than any time in recent past. This makes making data security and protection a top need. Dynamic efforts to establish safety to ensure information and secure the network system and its data innovation frameworks through a "protection inside and out" methodology is crucial and important. This methodology offers layers of specialized, physical and managerial physical security controls to guarantee that regardless of the...

Starbucks: Leveraging on innovative mobile payments and social media.

Starbucks: Leveraging on innovative mobile payments and social media Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Starbucks: Leveraging on innovative mobile payments and social media Starbucks Corporation, an American company, is the largest coffee company in the world. It primarily deals in coffee. However, it offers a host of other products such as snacks, beers and wines in the evening, as well as pastries. The company was founded in 1971 and has since grown and expanded to the global presence it commands today. Starbucks is renowned for its aggressive marketing strategies that the company has been engaging itself in to establish its brand globally. In recent times, however,...

Technology in Health Care Industry

Healthcare Advancements – Issues and Challenges Healthcare Advancements – Issues and Challenges Introduction Technological advancement in healthcare has provided a new dimension in the field of patient monitoring as well as research and development domains. This enhancement has dramatically altered the healthcare, personal wellness and insurance perspectives during the last decade. Penetration of smartphone application and new medical technology has brought tremendous opportunity for enhancing longevity and most importantly, quality of life. Nevertheless, this perfect storm has also brought some issues and challenges along with its advents. The paper will look into different issues...

The importance of Cyber Security(analytical report)

Name Instructor Course Date The Importance of Cyber Security – Analytical Report Letter of Transmittal To whom it may concern, Please find attached the final report titled, The Importance of Cyber Security – Analytical Report as previously commissioned. The report focuses on cyber security challenges that face small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). Through secondary research analysis it delves into the nature of these challenges, causes of the problems, and proposes potential solutions suited for SMEs. It is my hope that this report will guide management decisions made by SMEs in a bid to help them combat cyber security threats. Regards, Student’s Name. Abstract The report...