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International Marketing

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International Marketing

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Business

Level: College

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1. Introduction
The Pizza Hut is a subsidiary business organization of the Yum Brands, Inc. The headquarters of Pizza are in the Texas in the United States. This company is an American chain of restaurants that operates internationally through a franchise. It has been in existence for more than 50 years. The company boasts of having many restaurants in many countries. This company terms itself as the pizza specialist in the whole world. The Pizza Hut is widely known for its side dishes and the pizza. Moreover, the Pizza Hut has a variety selection of the beverages and the food. One can access the desserts, pizzas, pasta, salads and beverages like wine, beer and soft drinks (Maraquia 2013).
2. Strategies for International Entry
The Pizza Hut Company has used various modes of venturing into other markets so as to tap into wider larger markets. The success of Pizza Hut in the United States made it decide to expand its market to the international level. The mode of entry can be defined as a company`s strategy of moving the business or firm to a higher standard of recognition and acceptance both locally and internationally (Harris et al. 2010). The Pizza Hut entry strategy to international market takes two orientations;
Wholly owned subsidiary – The Pizza Hut itself is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yum Brands. Pizza Hut is the world biggest fast food restaurant regarding system unit. The Yum Company operates and l…

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