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Intense relations between Vietnam and the United States during the Cold War.

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Intense relations between Vietnam and the United States during the Cold War.

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Subcategory: History

Level: High School

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During the cold war, the relationship between Vietnam and the United States was very intense. The war had been experienced for a long time and many American people had died in the process. The United States were in support of capitalism while Vietnam was in support of communism (Murray 6). That, therefore, shows that there were great ideological differences between the countries and it was very difficult for them to come together. The differences forced them to fight against each other since each party believed that they had the best policy thus it was to be followed. The countries could not come into an agreement and they kept fighting for as long as they could. That shows that they could not have helped each other no matter what since they were enemies. The countries were in a very bad state since they were at stake of attacks from each other. The United States aimed at ensuring that it could contain the policy of communism in Vietnam but that resulted to war since the differences could not be dealt with in a better way.
Vietnam War was not a success in any way. The United States was not even aware of the mission that it had in the war. American troops could only fight yet they were confused about what they were fighting about. Therefore, the military solution was not possible since the objectives of the war were not clear (Karnow 12). The terrain in Vietnam was also not hospitable thus it was difficult for the war to be a success since the American troops were not well aware of the terrain. Many people, especially from the North were not supporting what the United States wanted thus they fought hard to ensure that the United States would not succeed.
South Vietnam did not win the war. The old regime supporters were reeducating thus they were not supporting capitalism in Vietnam. Most people from Vietnam also migrated to other areas since they believed that their country was not good enough for them. That shows that people in Vietnam had started realizing that the war was leading to nowhere. The country also later unified as a communist country thus showing that the south did not win since it was advocating for capitalism in Vietnam. Therefore, the effort that South Vietnam had put into the war was just a total failure and a lot of time was wasted in the war that was not won.
The war was also a total failure for the United States. The USA had totally committed to the war yet things did not turn out as it was expected. The war led to the deaths of many people from the United States. The United States had also spent a lot of money on the war yet they were defeated. That was a great blow especially since Vietnam turned out to be a communist nation (Herrin 21). The United States knew that they could not win the war, but all the presidents were not willing to accept this fact since that could show that they were failures. However, President Nixon played a great role in bringing the war to an end since he ensured that there were peace talks and he also withdrew the American troops, so there were no deaths anymore.
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